Mike Hollander

The Motor Sports Forum

Michael F. Hollander, 61, the motorsports journalist who effectively invented online racing news reporting in 1979, passed away in September 2008 after fighting a heroic battle with a form of colon cancer external to the colon. 

In 1979, Hollander worked with the then-fledgling CompuServe Information Service to provide motor sports news on a real-time basis worldwide.  By Sept. 1, 1983, that service evolved into the Auto Racing SIG and later into The Motor Sports Forum.  The service initially relied on volunteer reporters and phone calls to race tracks to get racing results, later creating a cadre of top professionals and talented amateurs.  In 1995, Hollander brought the service to the web, where it continues here today.

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Volume 2010, Issue 8, Posted 5:09 PM, 07.31.2010