Bubba Wallce Suspended from Homestead Race


CONCORD, NC - RIS - Bubba Wallace has been suspended for one race due to his actions at Las Vegas Motor Speedway during Sunday's NASCAR Cup race.  he was suspended for intentionally wrecking Kyle Larson last weekend, making Wallace just the fourth driver in the past 11 years to be suspended for an on-track incident. NASCAR has a history of not wanting to suspend drivers. They know some fans save money to attend one race all year, and they want those fans to be able to see their favorite drivers. 

On Sunday, Wallace was clipped by Larson when the latter was trying to pass.  Wallace reacted by spinning Larson out which also damaged the car of Christopher Bell.  Bell was the only driver to have championship hopes since both Wallace and Larson have been eliminated.  Also leading to the suspension was physical contact made by Wallace.  Wallace shoved Larson several times.  Wallace also shoved a NASCAR official who arrived on the scene.

In the penalty report, NASCAR cited a rule that states suspension is warranted under five factors: physical confrontations with NASCAR officials, physical violence with another competitor, attempting to manipulate a race or championship, intentionally wrecking another vehicle and any actions that pose a dangerous risk to the safety of competitors.

NASCAR said the suspension was the result of the on-track incident with Larson, not the playoff implications or any of the actions afterward.

"When we look at how that incident occurred in our minds, really a dangerous act that we thought that was intentional and put other competitors at risk," NASCAR Chief Operating Officer Steve O’Donnell said on SiriusXM Radio. "As we look at the sport and where we are today and where we want to draw that line going forward, we thought that definitely crossed the line, and that's what we focused on in terms of making this call."

Wallace issued an apology for his actions on Monday, possibly choosing his words carefully to not admit to intentionally wrecking Larson. 

"I compete with immense passion, and with passion at times comes frustration," he said in his statement. "Upon reflecting, I should have represented our partners and core team values better than I did by letting my frustrations follow me outside of the car.

"You live and learn, and I intend to learn from this." 


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Ron Fleshman with John Davison

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