Toyota Racing NCS Post-Race Recap -- Atlanta 7.10.22

DENNY HAMLIN, No. 11 Coca-Cola Toyota Camry TRD, Joe Gibbs Racing--Finishing Position: 25th--After having a solid top-five run, Ross Chastain made contact with you, how frustrating is it to lose what could have been a strong finish?---“It’s just frustrating. We were in pretty good position, but ultimately got taken out.”--Are you frustrated with Ross Chastain after the contact that impacted your race?--“Yeah, of course.”

Is this something you need to digest for a while before saying too much?

“I’m done speaking, I just have to go race.”

How was your race going before the incident with Ross Chastain?

“We were in really good position and we were about to be clear of the 1 (Ross Chastain) and be in third in the outside line. I was really happy with where I was at for sure. I think the 1 probably sensed that we were about to clear him so he chased us up there and got into us.”

At what point has the line been crossed too many times?

“It’s all in whatever level I’m willing to take. It’s just another unfortunate circumstance for him.”

Can Ross Chastain win a championship with as many drivers he has made upset this season?

“Everyone has different tolerance levels and as you all know, I’ve reached my peak.”




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