Week One of Cookout Summer Shootout Sizzles With Action

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  • Sir Purr, the Carolina Panthers’ mascot, claimed victory in the Mascot Mayhem go-kart race as part of Monday night’s opener to the Cook Out Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (John Davison/CMS photo) 

  • Carolina Panthers mascot Sir Purr leads Charlotte Motor Speedway's Lug Nut and the NASCAR Hall of Fame's Champ the Cheetah during Cook Out Summer Shootout action on Monday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (John Davison/CMS photo) 

  • Jadyn Daniels (Semi-Pro) was among feature winners in the first of 10 nights of racing on Charlotte’s frontstretch quarter-mile

  • Jordan Black leading the Pro feature Monday night

  • Cabarrus Virtual Academy principal Ken Simeone was all smiles after emerging victorious during a Round 2 school bus slobberknocker at the CookOut Summer Shootout on Tuesday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (John Davison/CMS photo)

  • CarsonBrown (No. 28) leads the Semi-Pro field Tuesday (John Davison/CMS photo)

  • Carson Brown in post-race victory lane (John Davison/CMS photo)

  • Bandolero Outlaws racing Tuesday night (John Davison/CMS photo)

  • Darren Krantz Jr, winner of the Bandolero Bandits feature race (John Davison/CMS photo)

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