Toyota Racing NXS Post-Race Recap -- Charlotte 5.29.21

TY GIBBS, No. 54 Toyota Supra, Joe Gibbs Racing--Finishing Position: 1st--How did you come back through the field and get back up front to win this race?--“First off, I just want to say sorry to the 99 (Chase Briscoe) and Chase and his crew. I didn't hit him, but I definitely helped him out with him getting loose there and it was not my intention. Already wrecked myself so, I just want to say sorry to them more importantly than this entire win. It's just awesome. I'll take it. This is a good day we got one more to go. So, I just want to say thank you all the fans out there and hell yeah.”

How special is it to win on an oval?

“It's definitely nice to win on the oval, especially in my hometown. I'm 30 minutes away from here. So, it's nice to have a win at least once today. You know I can't think Monster Energy, Joe Gibbs Racing and to all the sponsors out there, there's a lot of open, real estate so hit me up."

How does it feel to win in your hometown of Charlotte?

“It feels really good. First off, I want to say sorry to (Chase) Briscoe and the 99 crew. That was not my intention at all to wreck them. I just got on his left rear and didn’t help him out with the air and he kind of hopped the cushion so it didn’t really help that. That was partially my fault and I take that for sure. It’s nice to get another win. I’ll take it and we’ll move on. We’ve got one more to go so stay around fans.”

What was it like coming from the back of the field?

“I was definitely frustrated with myself. I completely wrecked myself, but didn’t really make myself look good today and made some mistakes. Definitely still learning how the air works and I’ll take full responsibility for all the mistakes I made. Overall, we ended up in victory lane. Can’t thank my guys enough and Monster Energy and my family. It’s cool to have them here and we’ve got one more tonight.”

Has this season been more than you expected already?

“It’s definitely been a lot. I’m learning as I go and I’m learning how life works at the same time. Trying to figure myself out, but I really like this racing deal and I want to keep doing it.”


HARRISON BURTON, No. 20 DEX Imaging Toyota Supra, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 6th

How good do you feel about this third-place finish?

“We got a lot better throughout the weekend. In practice we were kind of in the same spot, about ninth. We got our DEX Imaging Supra faster for the race. Gosh, when you’re close to wins and don’t win, it’s so frustrating. I’m just frustrated because I feel like we’ve run pretty well this year and just haven’t had the wins to show for us. I expect to win a lot of races this year and I think we will. It’s frustrating when it doesn’t happen right now. We’ll keep plugging away at it and getting better. I’ll look at the video to see what I could have done different and go from there.”






2nd, Austin Cindric*

3rd, Harrison Burton*

4th, Brandon Brown*

5th, Tyler Reddick*








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Volume 2021, Issue 5, Posted 5:15 PM, 05.29.2021