Made in the US, EAROS “Acoustic Filters” Protect Ears Without Compromising Sound Quality

Southlake, TX (September 3, 2020) – Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) today announced that EAROS is its “Official Hearing Protection Partner.” As part of the partnership, SVRA will offer EAROS ONE, a breakthrough high-fidelity hearing protection device, for sale to its community of vintage racing enthusiasts to protect their hearing health while still enjoying the roar of the engine.

“This EAROS partnership is very personal to me,” said Tony Parella, SVRA CEO and majority owner of the Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli.  “Like many racers, years of loud engine noises have taken a toll on my hearing. I want our racers, crews, fans, and future generations to prevent such damage.”

EAROS ONE is not an earplug. Instead, it is a sleek and comfortable listening device that provides both a superior sound experience and reliable hearing protection. EAROS is committed not only to offering a world-class product but also to educating people about the dangers of exposure to loud environments and the importance of ear protection. 

In conjunction with leading audiologists and vibration engineers from MIT, EAROS ONE was designed by its Chief Product Officer, Peter Ragonetti, an industrial designer from the Pratt Institute who is also an avid vintage car racer and SVRA member.

"Racing is my passion and I love nothing more than the sound of my Alfa Romeo on the track. But hearing loss is no joke – it can take a serious toll on your physical and mental wellbeing," said Ragonetti. “We developed EAROS ONE to provide a better solution to those who love loud environments, like the race track, but want to enjoy them in a healthy, sustainable way. Our unique design that tucks flush against the ear is especially comfortable for under-helmet use relative to other products that stick out of the ears.”

EAROS products are specially tuned to reduce noise while maintaining sound quality. Proprietary, patented technology replicates how the inner ear resonates while providing 17+ dB noise reduction and preserving full audio fidelity. Manufactured at a leading medical-grade facility in the USA, EAROS ONE is highly durable and reusable, which lessens its environmental impact relative to single-use, disposable hearing protection products.   

EAROS joins other top-brand companies on the growing list of SVRA sponsors. Among them are Jaguar, Land Rover, NetJets, Sunoco, Avis, Mazda Motorsports, Big Machine Vodka, Remington,, RACELOGIC, Cook Wealth Management, and Marathon Coach. SVRA's nationwide platform is at the heart of the organization's growth strategy. Sponsorship agreements with powerful brands are combined with the significant participation of legendary professional drivers and leveraging the high net worth demographic in the paddock for sponsorship attraction. This strategy provides three pillars for business expansion. Company officials report consistent annual triple-digit growth since 2012.

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