WILLIAMS - Monaco Thursday

Monaco Grand Prix Practice

Dave Robson, Senior Race Engineer: As is usually the case in Monaco, normal Free Practice testing is largely put on hold whilst we spend time acclimatising to the unique nature of Monaco. Our programme in FP1 centred on giving the drivers enough track time to build-up their confidence in the car, and allowing the engineers to check that we have the temperatures of the car under control. In FP2, with the track starting to offer more grip, we were able to look at tyre management in preparation for both qualifying and the race. We now have the additional day to view today’s data before committing to the car set-up for FP3.

Both drivers did a good job today with only a minor spin for Robert this morning and a tyre flat-spot for George this afternoon causing us to make slight changes to the programme. The team back in Grove have done a good job to supply us with some Monaco-specific items and they all seem to be performing well.

George Russell: Today was pretty cool and such a thrill to be driving around these streets in a Formula One car. I had fun out there especially on the low fuel, trying to get the most out of it was good experience. The car is not in the perfect window, on a track like this it punishes you a bit more. Monaco is a very unique place and we knew it was going to be tricky.

Robert Kubica: I was looking forward to getting back into the car in Monaco. Of course, with the lack of grip and struggling with general downforce, the streets are not the easiest to drive. The positive from returning here after nine years was that I jumped into the car and the opening laps were not too bad. However, when the pace picks up, it will be more difficult for us. We have to balance risk with keeping it tidy and steady.

Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo | 3.337 km, 2.073 miles





Warm and dry

Warm and dry

Air & Track Temperatures

18-19°C / 24-27°C

19-20°C / 31-35°C

G. Russell, FW42-01

1:15.115 (17th)

1:15.052 (19th)

R. Kubica, FW42-03

1:15.514 (18th)

1:15.146 (20th)

Quickest Time

L. Hamilton 1:12.106

L. Hamilton 1:11.118

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