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Little Mole goes from stars to cars with Alfa Romeo Racing
There will be an extra dose of adventure in the Alfa Romeo Racing garage as Little Mole, the beloved cartoon character created by animator Zdeněk Miler, is announced as the new team partner.
Born in 1956 in Prague, Little Mole is not your ordinary mole. Over more than six decades, its adventures have spanned the globe, propelling the cute mammal to stardom and growing a massive fan base, especially in Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries. 
Ever the record-breaker, in 2011 Little Mole hitched a ride on the Space Shuttle Endeavour and took to space as a guest of astronaut Andrew Feustel for its most incredible adventure to date. With a new taste for technology and derring-do, Little Mole then looked to the next frontier – and found Alfa Romeo Racing, where the iconic figure will adorn our cars for the rest of the season.
Frédéric Vasseur, Team Principal Alfa Romeo Racing and CEO Sauber Motorsport AG:
“There is a lot of focus on bringing new audiences to Formula One and Little Mole, with its big follower base all over the world, can help us capture the imagination of hundreds of thousands of children and get them closer to our sport. Little Mole is a plucky, adventurous little animal who uses its ingenuity and curiosity to explore the world. It’s that ingenuity that fosters the creativity our sport needs.”
Images of the launch are available at this link:
About Little Mole:
A popular character that was first animated more than 60 years ago, Little Mole continues to be a symbol of a care-free childhood, goodness, goodwill and love that always wins over everything. These values have helped to create a significant global audience for ‘Krtek’ – both among children, parents and grandparents – in countries that include central Europe, China, Japan, India and Russia.

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