The Term “Jackman” Just Does Not Fit

Sara Durant hails from Charolette, North Carolina, she is a "Jackman" and a darn good one. Dean Patton Photo

Dover, DE. - RIS - The term “Jackman” just does not fit. Covering the NASCAR K&N Series East I had the opportunity to watch this Lady work. No she is not doing what would some would consider Normal…. she is identified as a Tire Specialist on any internet home she may be found, but she is a “JACKMAN.” Yes, a Jackman, and darn good at it. This lady knows her way around race cars, and if you ever get a chance to watch this “Jackman” work take a few seconds, as that how fast she does her business…. seconds, and when seconds count I believe her driver can could on her.

Sara Durant hails from Charolett, North Carolina, she has been working for Bassett Racing for eight years. Prior to those eight years she worked for a Cup Team from 2004 through 2008. BAM Racing was her home then, I would suggest that being a mother would be a factor for her leaving, but this is not about her private life, it’s about her job today, and that is a job she loves.

Having a love for racing probably plays a big part in this, but hailing from Charolette, NC what does one do in their spare time….. racing. Probably the center of the world for a race fan is Charolette, especially if you have a hankering for NASCAR. As Sara worked she was monitoring tire temps, aligning the next setup, moving tires here and there in a fashion would make many jealous. 

Sara Durant, lives life with a mother, and carries a love of sports. Her sport just happens to be Motorsports. She smiles as she pops off the helmet, gets a fist bump from the crew chief for another job well done. I don’t know too many people who got to work and enjoy everything about it. They say if you love what you do, it’s not a job, well, Sara Durant appears to have found a job that suits her just fine. I am sure being a mother of two beautiful children, she has quite a bit to be smiling about. She also has a talent, a good one for sure.

I could go on about Diversity in a sport, I could go on about Men and Women, I could go on about many things, but this is mainly about a brief look into the life of a “Jackman” who happens to be a woman! I can tell you from watching her work, this lady knows her way around a race car. If I was the team owner, or the driver, I know I could feel confident that that my Tire Specialist knows her stuff.

Thanks for the lesson on workmanship Sara, yours is surely something many could learn from.

See you at the track.

Dean Patton

I have been a Photojournalist for RIS-news for the past twelve years more or less. I was a shooter for a Minority Publication here in Reading, PA. Unfortunately the publisher passed away ending the publication. Mike took me onboard the following February while covering Daytona freelance. I also shoot Football, Professional Boxing, and Pennsylvania Dirt Track Racing. Hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania what else would I do. In my real life I am also a sitting Magisterial District Judge... sports coverage is my escape!

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Volume 2018, Issue 10, Posted 10:50 AM, 10.06.2018