HONDA - Conversation With Honda Performance Development Head Art St. Cyr

An interview with: ART ST. CYR

T.E. McHALE:  Our guest is Art St. Cyr, who I think you all know if president of Honda Performance Development.  Let's start with a question of your general impressions of the month of May for Honda and HPD so far.

ART ST. CYR:  Well, obviously qualifying didn't quite go the way that we were expecting.  The advantage that we've enjoyed over the last couple years is not there right now.  Got to give credit to the other side on that one.

We're still confident at our race pace.  On Monday, we showed pretty well we were able to drive up on people, we were able to pass.  We think that we're going to be okay on this.  We still have confidence in the race.

The teams that we have, like Andretti Autosport who has won three of the last four Indy 500s, can never be counted out.  I think we're going to be okay for the race.


Tom Beeler

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Volume 2018, Issue 5, Posted 2:50 PM, 05.25.2018