Watch The Stars Come Out On Turkey Night! Streamed Live

Kyle Larson winner of 2012 Turkey Night GPThe 73rd Turkey Night Midget Grand Prixis coming to Perris Auto Speedway with cars taking to the track at 5:00 pm PST Thursday. By that time you should have seen enough football to 'gag a maggot' and you will feel lucky that the Turkey Night event will be live on line.

For those who cannot attend the race in person, it will be streamed live online on “The Cushion.”  Cost of the PPV broadcast is $24.95.  There is a 100-mile blackout radius around the track.  Fans who wish to get more information, to purchase the PPV or to see what other races “The Cushion” has On-Demand, can visit the web site at: .

                                                                                                                                         Photo 2012 Winner Kyle Larson

Thursday’s 98-lap race continues a tradition begun in 1934 and spanning a variety of southern California facilities. After a 1996 race at Perris won by Billy Boat, it returned to the half-mile dirt oval for last year’s classic, captured by Kyle Larson.

Four former winners are expected to race. Dave Darland, Bryan Clauson, Bobby East and Caleb Armstrong will be there and each will be attempting to become the first one to win the race on both pavement and dirt since Mel Kenyon did it at Ascot and then Speedway 605 in 1963 and 1965.

The history of the race features many highlights, including Ron Shuman’s amazing record eight victories and Boat’s three wins in success at three different venues. Champions include Indianapolis 500 winners Bill Vukovich, Johnnie Parsons, A.J. Foyt and Parnelli Jones as well as USAC’s all-time National Midget leader Mel Kenyon and recent stars Jason Leffler and Tony Stewart and 2013 USAC National Champions Bobby East (Silver Crown) and Bryan Clauson (Sprint).

According to promoter Jay Agajanian, eight time winner Ron Shuman will be back to watch the race for the first time since 2004.
Clauson has established himself as one of those to beat Thursday after amassing 22 total UAC feature wins this season. That’s the second-largest single-season victory total in USAC history behind the 24 of J.J. Yeley in 2003.

Darren Hagen established the one-lap track record drivers will seek during qualifications. His pole-winning lap last year was 17.025 seconds. Hagen earned his fourth consecutive Honda USAC National Pavement title this year.

                                Preliminary Entries 2013 Turkey Night GP.


2          LEVI ROBERTS/Broomfield, CO                      Dave Roberts/Majestic Metals – Advanced Industrial Technology/Spike/Esslinger

2G        TERRY GOODWIN/Belleville, KS                     Misty Goodwin/Combs Construction – Goodwin Racing/Spike/Fontana

02         ROBBY JOSETT/Santa Clarita, CA                  Ron Josett/R&L & Sons Construction – Josett Heating & Cooling/Spike/Esslinger

3          CHRIS WINDOM/Canton, IL                              RFMS Racing/Liberty Village – McGladrey & Pullen/DRC/Esslinger

3F         JERRY COONS JR./Tucson, AZ                     RFMS Racing/Liberty Village – McGladrey & Pullen/DRC/Esslinger

4          BOBBY EAST/Brownsburg, IN                         Klatt Enterprises/Klatt Motorsports Classic Car Sales – East Enterprises/Beast/Chevy

5D        ZACH DAUM/Pocahontas, IL                            Dan Daum/Daum Crop Insurance – Weld Wheels/Eagle/Fontana

05         JAKE SWANSON/Anaheim, CA                        Swanson-VanDyne Motorsports/Goodwine Glass – Lucas Oil/Stealth/Honda

7A        DALTON ARMSTRONG/New Castle, IN       C & A Motorsports/Syngenta Seed – EverFi/Spike/Toyota

7c         CALEB ARMSTRONG/New Castle, IN         C & A Motorsports/Syngenta Seed – EverFi/Spike/Toyota

7x         SHANNON McQUEEN/Bakersfield, CA           McQueen-Eskesen-Rescino Racing/Murf Dogg Racing – R.C. 4 Less/Spike/Esslinger

8          RANDI PANKRATZ/Atascadero, CA               Wally Pankratz/HASA-Sta Rite – Trench Shoring/Edmunds/Fontana

9p         PARKER PRICE-MILLER/Kokomo, IN           Kami Ronk/Magneti Marelli – PPM Titanium Products/Spike/Esslinger

10         BRAD KUHN/Avon, IN                                       Mason Cook/Willits Towing & Recovery - Speedy Signs – ACME Rigging/Beast/Fontana

11A      ANDREW FELKER/Carls Junction, MO          Felker Racing/66 Truck & Foreign Salvage – Auto Express/Spike/Fontana

11R      TROY RUTHERFORD/Ojai, CA                       Calvin Martens/Woodworks Unlimited – Ryno Manufacturing/TCR/Mopar

12JR     JOSH PELKEY/Peoria, AZ                                 Robbie & Gaye Allen/ABC Body Shop – NAPA – Parker Store/Spike/Esslinger

12x       RICK HENDRIX/Palmdale, CA                          Rick Hendrix/RGW, Inc. – Brass Monkey Pole Fitness/TCR/Van Dyne

15         RICKY SHELTON/Huntington Beach, CA       Neverlift Motorsports/So-Cal Nitrous & Race Fuel/Stealth/Esslinger

19         RICHARD VANDER WEERD/Visalia, CA      Mike Sala/Vander Weerd Construction – Battery Worx/Spike/Chevy

19w      JOHNATHON HENRY/San Luis Obispo, CA  Mike Sala/Sala Construction/Spike/Chevy

21K      CORY KRUSEMAN/Ventura, CA                      Kruseman Motorsports/Lucas Oil – MavTV/Spike/Esslinger

22az     RICH SHUMAN/Gilbert, AZ                               Rich Shuman/Kaiser Aluminum Alexco – Beaver Stripes/Coba/Gaerte

24         TRACY HINES/New Castle, IN                          Bob Parker/Parker Machinery – Turbines, Inc./Spike/Toyota

25         NIC FAAS/Huntington Beach, CA                     Jerome Rodela/Trench Shoring – Ed Pink Racing Engines/Spike/Toyota

26         SHANE GOLOBIC/Fremont, CA                       Doug Bock/Kaizer Aluminum – Astro Titanium/Spike/Esslinger Ford

27         NICK CHIVELLO/Manteca, CA                         Paul Chivello/Vic Hubbard’s Auto Parts – Red Top Electric/Spike/Esslinger

35         SCOTT PIEROVICH/Alamo, CA                       Lance Pierovich/Mid-Coast Trans – Good Guys/Spike/Mopar

37         TREY MARCHAM/Oklahoma City, OK            McQueen Racing/Simpson Race Products – R.D. Marcham Energy/Spike/Esslinger

39         BRYAN CLAUSON/Noblesville, IN                  Tucker-BCI-Mike Curb-Agajanian/Honeybaked of Bloomington – Curb Records/Spike


39K      KYLE EDWARDS/Fountain Valley, CA            Gordon Edwards/Safehouse Security – Van Dyne Engineering/Ellis/Van Dyne

45         TERRY NICHOLS/Delano, CA                          Neverlift Motorsports/Crysalli Water – Fruitful Juice/Spike/Van Dyne

47         DAMION GARDNER/Concord, CA                  Andy Bondio/Barnes Oil Pumps – Kenny’s Components/Bondio/Barnes

51         R.J. JOHNSON/Phoenix, AZ                             Bobby Martin/Weiler Farms – Pecon Builders/Spike/Fontana

51s       MIKE SPENCER/Temecula, CA                        Pat Fly/Pecon Builders – Weiler Farms/Spike/Proflyer

55         TAYLOR FERNS/Shelby Township, MI           Jim Ferns/Dea Eyewear – National Auto Placement/Spike/Stanton Mopar

55x       NICK DRAKE/Mooresville, NC                         Troy Cline/Haas Automation – Mobil1/Spike/Esslinger

56         DARREN HAGEN/Riverside, CA                 5IVE-6IX, Inc./3 Wide Networks – Fatheadz Eyewear/Beast/Esslinger

56x       DANNY STRATTON/Riverside, CA             5IVE-6IX, Inc./3 Wide Networks – Fatheadz Eyewear/Beast/Esslinger

57         MIKE SPENCER/Temecula, CA                        Bill Eckser/RAB Racing/Spike/Fontana

62         BRITTON BOCK/Angwin, CA                           Doug Bock/McNema Electric – Pete Tractor Service/Spike/Esslinger Ford

67         TANNER THORSON/Minden, NV                    Keith Kunz Motorsports-Curb-Agajanian/Toyota TRD/Bullet/Speedway Toyota

67K      RICO ABREU/Rutherford, CA                           Keith Kunz Motorsports/Toyota TRD/Bullet/Speedway Toyota

67x       BRAD SWEET/Grass Valley, CA                       Willie Kahne/Toyota – Factory Kahne/Stealth/Toyota

68         RONNIE GARDNER/Corona, CA                     SIX-EIGHT Racing/Schroeder Torsion Bars – Competition Suspension – Baldozier


71         CHRISTOPOHER BELL/Norman, OK             Keith Kunz Motorsports-Curb-Agajanian/Toyota TRD/Bullet/Speedway Toyota

71s       CODY SWANSON/Norco, CA                           Kirk Swanson/Edmunds Auto Research – Goodine Glass -K&N Filters/Edmunds/Van Dyne

71s       Ricky Shelton/Huntington Bch, CA             FTR & NLF Mtsprts/Amerisal-Haul Ass-So. Ca. Nitrous & Race Fuel/Spike/Esslinger

71x                                                                                       Keith Kunz Motorsports-Curb-Agajanian/Toyota TRD/Bullet/Speedway Toyota

72         KEVIN THOMAS JR./Cullman, AL                   Keith Ford/King Racing Products – A&A Precision Machine/Spike/Wirth Fontana

73         DAVE DARLAND/Lincoln, IN                           Keith Ford/King Racing Products – A&A Precision Machine/Spike/Wirth Fontana

73x       JAC HAUDENSCHILD/Wooster, OH              Keith Ford/King Racing Products – A&A Precision Machine/Spike/Esslinger

81         DENNIS HOWELL/San Pedro, CA                    Steve Watt Ent./Christian Stover Foundation – Maxwell Industries/Stealth/Chevy

84         JOEY FABOZZI/Norco, CA                               Fabozzi Motorsports/U.S. Army – M&D Financial/Spike/Fontana

86         CASEY SHUMAN/Rattlesnake Bend, AZ         Calvin Martens/Woodworks Unlimited – Ryno Manufacturing/TCR/Mopar

91T       TYLER THOMAS/Collinsville, OK                    Brian Thomas/BT Machine – Quick Racing Products/Triple X/Esslinger

99         BRADY BACON/Broken Arrow, OK             Kami Ronk/Magneti Marelli – PPM Titanium Products/Spike/Esslinger

115       CONNOR KASSIK/Lake Havasu, AZ                Neverlift Motorsports/Crysalli Water – Fruitful Juice/Spike/Van Dyne

151       JIM WATERS/Salt Lake City, UT                       Neverlift Motorsports/Crysalli Water – Fruitful Juice/Spike/Van Dyne

0          BRODY ROA/Buena Park, CA                           Dave Lamott/Hot Heads – HD Industries/Stealth/Honda


1934 Bob Swanson
1935 Ted Sizemore
1936 Ronney Householder
1937 Ronney Householder
1938 Bob Swanson
1939 Mel Hansen
1940 Roy Russing
1941 Roy Russing
1945 Danny Oakes
1946 Perry Grimm
1947 Johnny McDowell
1948 Bill Vukovich
1949 Perry Grimm
1950 Bill Zaring
1955 Johnnie Parsons
1956 Edgar Elder
1957 George Amick
1958 Joe Garson
1959 Tony Bettenhausen
1960 A. J. Foyt
1961 A. J. Foyt
1962 Bill Cantrell
1963 Mel Kenyon
1964 Parnelli Jones
1965 Dick Atkins
1966 Parnelli Jones
1967 Gary Bettenhausen
1968 Sam Sessions
1969 George Benson
1970 Gary Bettenhausen
1971 Bill Engelhart
1972 Tony Simon
1973 Bill Engelhart
1974 Danny McKnight
1975 Mel Kenyon
1976 Bubby Jones
1977 Gary Patterson
1978 Rick Goudy
1979 Ron Shuman
1980 Ron Shuman
1981 Ron Shuman
1982 Ron Shuman
1983 Kevin Olson
1984 Ron Shuman
1985 Brent Kaeding
1986 Warren Mockler
1987 Ron Shuman
1988 Chuck Gurney
1989 Chuck Gurney
1990 Stan Fox (last time held at Ascot Park)
1991 Stan Fox
1992 Ron Shuman
1993 Ron Shuman
1994 Jordan Hermansader
1995 Billy Boat
1996 Billy Boat
1997 Billy Boat
1998 Jay Drake
1999 Jason Leffler
2000 Tony Stewart
2001 Dave Steele
2002 Michael Lewis
2003 Dave Steele
2004 Bobby East
2005 Jason Leffler
2006 Billy Wease
2007 Dave Darland
2008 Bobby Santos III
2009 Bryan Clauson
2010 Bryan Clauson
2011 Caleb Armstrong
2012 Kyle Larson

Ed Hollowell

Reporter for RIS since 1996. Photo since 2002.

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