Robby Gordon wins the third round of the Stadium Super Trucks series; three different winners to date.

Robby Gordon wins the Stadium Super Truck series main event in his Speed Energy truck!

Los Angeles, CA - Robby Gordon beats all contenders in the main event, after two preliminary heats, to win the third round of Stadium Super Trucks (SST) series. The race was not without its share of accidents. One serious yellow came out after Arie Luyendyk, Jr's truck rolled onto its lid and slid to a stop on its side on the final constant radius left hand turn onto the final straight-away. Arie emerged and waved to the crowd of approximately 24,000. Pictures attached show the devastation his roof's horizontal windshield roll-bar had suffered. Luckily, even being as tall as 6'3"+, Arie, Jr. had no ill-effects after the race. He enjoyed, as were all the other drivers, autographing 'pieces of sawed off' bodywork that was happily handed to the engaging crowd of youth and adults afterwards.

One other vehicle, a Super 1600 went 'just' over the concrete K-rail barrier in the same area of that final left hander turn to the straight-away. That driver emerged fine, too. The Super 1600 stayed safely over the concrete as it was in an 'unseated' portion of the track and posed no serious concern. That decision kept the program on schedule. It did not look like many had to be back for the baby-sitters as there were 'many' children enjoying the good, clean performance oriented fun.

The whole event which started mid-afternoon and ran into the night was very fast paced and kept one's attention. Everything can be seen 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern on NBC Sports Network. More information on SST can be seen at

Paul T. Glessner

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