e-miglia 2012: New appealing and electrifying starting field

e-miglia 2012: New appealing and electrifying starting field

  • The starting signal will sound on August 12th at 5:30 pm in Munich
  • The protagonists: BMW Mini E, Elma 02, Fisker Karma, Lampo3, Mercedes E-Cell, Nissan Leaf, Peugeot iON, Tesla Roadster,
    Twike Active, Zerotracer, Zero Motorcycle
  • New rally category: EV extended range 
  • Constancy rally through four alpine countries in 800 km: D-AUT-I-CH

When the starting signal sounds at the traffic center of the Deutsches Museum in Munich on August 12th, a colorfully mixed group of participants will set off on the 800 km long electric rally. Tim Ruhoff from Munich will be taking part with his Tesla Roadster for the third time. Who will constitute competition this year for the two-time winner of the e-miglia is still uncertain, since there are lots of new faces and models. With a top speed of 220 km/h and an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, the 420 kilowatt respectively 550 PS Swiss Lampo3 is likely to be a real Tesla chaser. The Swiss Alessandro  De Guglielmo from Rivo will be behind the wheel.

Power and torque aren't the decisive criteria for the constancy rally though, the energy consumption is also incorporated in the evaluation.

Dr. Andras Bednar from Hungary will be driving an Elma 02. For the premiere in 2010, he had only participated with his reconstructed plug-in car which has served him loyally for years as an escort vehicle and the journey to the starting line in Munich was already an adventure.

 A special category will be presented for the first time at the e-miglia 2012. Four Fisker Karma will be competing against one another for the victory in the new category „EV extended range“. The e-miglia organizers are viewing this as a demonstration competition, in order to assess how the group of participants will be composed and, in particular, how they can be compared. 

One of the partners of the e-miglia, the Technical Control Board South (TÜV SÜD), will also be entering a Fisker.

Four Twikers will be competing in the three-wheel category. The visually unusual vehicle has gained lots of followers in the past years and has achieved cult status. 200 km range and pedal actuation are convincing. For the Twike pilot Francois Loeb (former Swiss National Councilor) e-mobility is a prospect: “I've been an avid TWIKE rider since 1998 and I'm still on my first Twike! In my point of view, the light-weight build has to be the prerequisite for exhausting the energy saving potential. “

The reward

Naturally the joy in equal-zero-emission driving and the beautiful mountain environment  surrounding the chosen route are the  biggest rewards at the e-miglia. There's still a prize money totaling € 10.000 for the participants however.

Experience e-mobility up close

Before the teams set out on the approximately 800 kilometer long stretch from Munich over the Grossglockner to Bolzano and through the Engadin to St. Moritz on Sunday evening, the e-miglia is inviting everyone to the public paddock in the traffic center of the Deutsches Museum at the Bavariapark in Munich on August 12th, 2012. Everyone can experience e-mobility live there from noon on.

You'll have the opportunity to get to know more about the topic of e-mobility from drivers, co-drivers and experts. Ranges, charging possibilities, electricity sources, recuperation techniques, insurance coverage and roadway repair service are the FAQ of e-mobility.

Additional information, the entire participant list and images on: www.e-miglia.com

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