International rally for e-mobility: e-miglia 2012 the path is the goal

International rally for e-mobility: e-miglia 2012 – the path is the goal


  • August 12th: Start in Munich at the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum
  • August 13th: Queen stage across the Grossglockner high alpine road 
  • August 14th: Bolzano
  • August 16th: Finale in the energy city der St. Moritz

The mobility of the future. Exclamation mark and question mark. The experts agree that the mobility behavior will change a lot.

Even though no one wants to be nailed down as to how and with what one will be getting from point A to point B in 2050, it is beyond question that electric mobility will play a crucial role. In 2012, the e-miglia will be showing what electro mobiles are capable of for the third year in a row.

In four daily stages the e-miglia participants will master 800 km electrically. And between A and B there's a lot of challenges, clearly a lot more than the mobile day-to-day demands.

 The starting signal will sound at exactly 5:30 pm on August 12th at the German Museum Traffic Center (Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum) at the Bavaria Park and not far away from the Oktoberfest Wiesn. The prologue leads to Rosenheim. The next morning, the rounder’s set out towards Austria.

The first stop around noon on August 13th is Salzburg. Here, the energy from the photovoltaic facility of the Salzburg Congress Center will be used to fill up. In the evening, the day's destination, kilometer 0 of the Grossglockner high alpine road in Bruck in the holiday region of the National Park Hohe Tauern will be reached. High, higher and awesome the participants continue on August 14th to the Grossglockner for the Queen's stage of the e-miglia 2012. The drive to the Edelweiss summit is a synonym for overcoming Europe's highest alpine road and the highest point of the e-miglia. Reducing the fees for electric vehicles is only one way the Grossglockner high alpine road shows support for the preservation of nature and the efforts towards sustainability. Only after mastering 280 km the day's destination Bolzano is reached.

The night is spent at the Bolzano fair, which has been dedicated to the topic of sustainability in a particular way by hosting the yearly occurring expositions Klimahouse, Klimaenergy and, since 2011, also the Klimamobility. The e-migliaisti get to St. Moritz, the final destination of the electric rally, through Schlanders and the National Park Stilfserjoch.

The Engadin lives of its impressive nature. To conserve it is the first priority for the community. St. Moritz is Switzerland's 101st energy city, where the sun shows its friendly face particularly often. The participants of the e-miglia will actually profit from that by filling up with the solar energy of St. Moritz at the final destination. The zero-emission vehicles will make their way into the village center on the afternoon of August 16th where the townsfolk, tourists and spectators can celebrate the winners and marvel at the vehicles of the present future.

Dusty Brandel

President of the American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association, Inc. Worked with Mike Hollander since Tapsis, Compuserve, etc. and has posted to the website since the beginning. First Female photo-journalist to be given a garage and pit pass for the NASCAR garage, 1972 at Ontario Motor Speedway. One of first seven female writers, photographers given access to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway garage and pits in 1971. Past President of Greater Los Angeles Press Club, 1992-96, and first female editor of the 8-Ball publication for the Press Club

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