e-miglia 2012: E-mobility for everyone

e-miglia 2012: E-mobility for everyone

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The “the-electric-avenue Expo”(tea) and the “e-miglia” are connected through these common goals: to make electric mobility tangible, practicable, understandable and appealing for everyone. Both events, the exposition Friedrichshafen from May 17th–20th,2012, as well as the international e-rally from August 12th-16th,2012, will show how an electrically operated sports car gains momentum and how an e-bike speeds up.

The exhibition “the-electric-avenue” in Friedrichshafen is one year older than the international rally e-miglia. Both initiatives are part of the Rebel Media Group. CEO Christian Herles: “We're convinced that the future belongs to alternative actuation. A lot of our energy is focused on this subject matter, which we highlight while taking many aspects and consumer needs into consideration. With the e-miglia we want to present e-mobility as sporty and emotional on an international level by showing a big media-based commitment. The trade fair supplements the offer for the end consumer with comprehensive information, lectures and test drives.”

What's new on the market of electric mobility? What do the current surveys of the manufacturers look like? What professions are arising from e-mobility and what does it even feel like to drive an electric car? The exposition “the-electric-avenue” will provide answers to a wide range of questions from May 17th-20th,2012. “Experts and end consumers likewise are addressed and can have a twofold experience: on the one hand, they can have an active experience by engaging in a test drive on either of the two driving courses, on the other hand, the visitors receive lots of information from the exhibitors, as well as from the presenters of the new eTalks”, trade show director Klaus Wellmann describes the concept. All in all, around 30 exhibitors, such as Mitsubishi, Nissan, Tesla, Opel and Smart will be presenting their current models.

The trade show “the-electric-avenue” is already taking place for the fourth year and at the same time as the oldtimer exhibition “Klassikwelt Bodensee”. The combination of classic and modern is unique.  The podium discussions with subsequent short presentations are a new element: “There's a lot of interest in electric mobility, so we are placing even more emphasis on information this year“, so project manager Roland Bosch.

While the expo heavily relies on information, the e-miglia proves that e-mobiles are extremely efficient and suitable for daily use through difficult practical tests. In August, the ambitious teams will participate in a sporty competition by embarking on a journey from Munich, across the Alps to St. Moritz. 800 electrifying kilometers in four exciting days. So, whoever is inspired after visiting “the-electric-avenue” Expo, where the e-miglia will also be presented, can still register their electric mobile by June 15th, 2012 and participate in the e-miglia. 

  • ·                    e-miglia 2012 Dates: August 12th – 16th,  2012
  • ·                    Route: From Munich to St. Moritz - around 800 km carbon neutral rally
  • ·                     Registration: Open to anyone until June 15th, 2012
  • ·                     www.e-miglia.com

  The e-miglia is the first international e-rally for electric vehicles exclusively. She originated in 2010 with the goal to demonstrate to the world the efficiency and attractiveness of e-mobility in an exciting as well as emotional environment. The e-miglia is an initiative of the REBEL Media Group and the Schalber Event GmbH.

   In its premiere year, 2010, e-miglia meant 560 km through three Alpine countries in four days across many passes and in any weather. A task no e-mobile had to perform in a sportive competition until then. In 2011, the e-miglia demanded even more from the participants: almost 800 km incl. the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and four Alpine countries.

     In addition, the e-miglia offers a future-oriented platform for companies and service providers from all segments of e-mobility. Electric mobility itself is portrayed as positively charged and powerful. The general public is being educated, so that the interest in e-mobility is fostered and that consumption interest and buying incentive are created. The e-miglia combines the look of classic rallies with the technology of the future.

   The concept of the e-miglia was first presented at the trade show in Friedrichshafen in 2009 as part of the-electric-avenue Expo, which celebrated its premiere there as the world’s first independent expo for sustainable mobility. She combines all aspects, branches of trade and industry sectors of electric mobility into an integrated concept and is the first purely electric vehicle trade show. The tea expo is an initiative and registered trademark of the REBEL Media Group.

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