e-miglia 2012: Already almost a classic. Third year of the international rally for electric vehicles

e-miglia 2012: Already almost a classic.

Third year of the international rally for electric vehicles


  • ·         Dates: August 12th - 16th, 2012
  • ·         Route: From Munich to St. Moritz - approximately 800 km zero-emission rally
  • ·         Participation registration: From March 1st , 2012 on


For the third year already, the e-miglia is starting on a tour through four Alpine countries with purely electrically powered vehicles. What started as a big adventure for the participants, partners and organizers in 2010, has established itself today and is a constant in the still young world of new mobility. With the e-miglia, e-mobility could and can demonstrate that the different vehicle types master big challenges without difficulty. The proof of the suitability for everyday use of those vehicles available on the market, is beyond question, since the average 43 km which a German covers per day, is mastered by the electric vehicles with ease no matter how steep the incline.

Traditionally the registration for the e-miglia 2012 opens on March 1st on www.e-miglia.com. There are a total of 30 starting positions available. Until June 15th everyone with a valid driver's license and a purely electrical vehicle can register for the constancy rally. In four daily stages the route leads from Munich through Austria to Italy and ends in the Swiss holiday domicile St. Moritz. The entire route of the e-miglia marks one big accomplishment assessment for the participants. Up to 280 km a day are covered, including the highest passes of the Alpine region. The score is settled at the destination, because it remains exciting until the last moment. Decisive for the victory are the special stages and the evaluation of the electric power consumption which became part of the Regulations in 2011.

The variety of different vehicle types at the e-miglia already becomes evident when looking at the three best placed cars from last year.

Through meticulous preparation and precise training, Tim Ruhoff in the sportscar Tesla Roadster, was able to win the overall standing in 2011, after he had already secured the title in 2010. Christian Wenger-Rosenau in a Jetcar, especially  designed and built for this event placed second. The city car Think City, which was driven by the rally experienced Walter 'Fuzzy' Kofler, secured the third place on the podium. In that way, the top placements from 2011 create a mixed image of the vehicles, as well as of the participants and that again proves that everyone has a fair chance at the e-miglia.

Registration now on www.e-miglia.com

Dusty Brandel

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