FINALE Day 4 of the e-miglia 2011: Engadin St. Moritz

FINALE Day 4 of the e-miglia 2011: Engadin – St. Moritz  Silent walk-over by titleholder Tim Ruhoff                   

  • Ruhoff wins the e-miglia for the second time, category and overall winner
  • Rally for electric vehicles with various vehicle concepts: C-Zero, Electric RaceAbout, eMini, E-M3, eRuf, i-Miev, iON, Jetcar, Mega Van, Nissan Leaf, Raleigh Dover, Smart, Stromos, Tesla, Think, Tazzari, Twike
  • Equal-zero emission: 800 km from Munich, over the Grossglockner and Bolzano to St. Moritz


Winner of the e-miglia 

Friday, August 5th in St. Moritz. When winners are established, then there's usually also losers. The participants of the e-miglia think differently. They're all winners, because they were able to reach the goals they had set for themselves, as well as the final destination.  Experiences and insights were gained, that will benefit the further development of e-mobility. That also was the goal of the e-miglia partners Allianz Versicherungs-AG and TÜV SÜD AG. Both companies entered participating vehicles to gather knowledge. Already the Allianz insures a good portion of the registered vehicles today and the TÜV SÜD performs various safety tests, and develops additional testing procedures for the industry, as well as the privat customers. 


Deserving and not unexpected winner of the e-miglia 2011 is Tim Ruhoff, Team Energiebau in the Tesla with the starting number 1. He mastered every stage as the best and so gained the victory and the prize money of  € 5.000,00. He participated twice and won twice. Both times in a Tesla. Tim Ruhoff loves and lives the topic  e-mobility. Privatly he's never owned a car and prefers to move around town on his e-bike. He realizes his vision of mobility on business: "We turn e-mobility into a marketing push for companies - that way we bring the energy turnaround to the streets." 

Beaming second are Lars Krueger and co-pilot/inventor Christian Wenger-Rosenau. They never expected this success. Until now, the Jetcar was only sold in a limited edition of 5 exemplars, with its price of € 84.000 not really a vehicle for the masses. 

Think, wäre hätte das gedacht, ist mit Walter Fuzzy Kofler nebst Tochter Claudia im Model Think City auf Rang drei gelandet. Ein mehr als positives Ergebnis, bedenkt man den hohen Leistungs- und damit auch Kostenunterschied zwischen den angetretenen Fahrzeugen. 

Different vehicle concepts 

Maximum speeds between 120 kmh and 220 kmh. Ranges of 100 km to 350 km. 2-, 3- and 4-wheels. From 1 man power to 600 horse power. Partially supported by muscle power. Richard Schalber, the Rally Director, has been successful in creating an event which sets up a certain equal opportunity. You realize this in looking at the results in the top 3: Tesla, Jetcar, Think. It was also noticeable in the many first-time participants, that it was no problem to accomplish the e-miglia, provided one prepared according to the regulations. Both of the eRUF vehicles, one had had high hopes in, didn't adhere to the regulations though, which was primarily problematic in the charging process, since they weren't familiar with the charging technology provided by the organizer. In addition, neither team had trained or any rally experience. 

The day in the Engadin

The final day began with rain, which the photographers were actually happy about. It's good for dramatic pictures. By the time the finish-line in the centre of St. Moritz was crossed, the Engadin sun was once again beaming though. Maybe she needed a break since her energy had flowed into the 31 vehicles the night before. The energy city St. Moritz is committed to environmental consciousness and Clean Energy, because that is its most precious asset. The route began in St. Moritz Bad and first led across the natural Albula Pass. The upcoming accomplishment test required the participants to keep an average speed of 63 km/h. They had to manage 8.4 km uphill, through narrow serpentines in 8 minutes. Some participants were faced with obstacles of the natural kind and lost valuable seconds: cows. Then the Julier Pass followed ahead of the charging station. In the afternoon, the third pass, the Benina, was conquered. 

The future

E-mobility will come. In this, politicians, as well as the industry agree and invest millions worldwide. For now the future of the e-miglia is looking frosty. This coming winter will see the first e-miglia "snow". E-mobility in extremely cold conditions. A new endurance test. The summer e-miglia will become even more sportive in 2012 and the regulations will be firmer. Richard Schalber might consider adding a time assessment, which some participants are asking for. All in all the e-miglia 2011 was a huge success and another milestone for electric mobility.

The final results on 5.8.2011 / Day 4:

1. Tim Ruhoff, Stephan Willemsen - Team Energiebau/NextGM - Tesla 
2. Lars Krueger, Christian Wenger-Rosenau - Team Jetcar - Jetcar
3. Fuzzy Walter Kofler, Claudia Kofler - Team Autotest Motorsport - Think City

4. Reiner Mauch – Team Mauch - Tesla
5. Eric Comas, Peter Podhorsky - Team Green Cars Challenge - Tesla

The rally facts

4 days, 4 countries, about 780 km, 31 participants, 4 passes and the Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

More information, the entire list of results and extensive TV, as well as image material at: ____________________________________________________________________________________   The e-miglia is the first international e-rally for electric vehicles exclusively. She originated in 2010 with the goal to demonstrate to the   world the efficiency and attractiveness of e-mobility in an exciting as well as emotional environment. The e-miglia is an initiative of the   Rebel Group and the Schalber Event GmbH. In 2010 e-miglia meant: at least 560 km through three Alpine countries on four days across many passes and in any weather. A task   no e-mobile had to perform in a sportive competition until then. The second e-miglia, from August 1st through the 5th, 2011, will make even   more demands on the participants.  In addition, the e-miglia offers a future-oriented platform for companies and service providers from all   segments of e-mobility to portray themselves positively and powerfully, so that consumption interest and buying incentive are created within   the general public. The e-miglia combines the look of classic rallies with the technology of the future. The concept of the e-miglia was first presented at the trade show in Friedrichshafen in 2009 as part of the-electric-avenue Expo, which   celebrated its premiere there as the world’s first independent expo for sustainable mobility. She combines all aspects, branches of trade and   industry sectors of electric mobility into an integrated concept and is the first purely electric vehicle trade show. The tea expo is an initiative   and registered trademark of the Rebel Media Group. 

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