NHRA Sonoma Nationals - Random Pics

While I walked around Saturday and Sunday. I was not credentialed and uploaded these out of courtesy to RIS-News.com. Paul T. Glessner

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Tim W. and me

  • Patron Camp Saturday; Jesse James helping.

  • Shawn Gann STILL excited about Denver win. 

  • BLUE MAX. 'Nuf said.


  • Alexis' ride about to lose on a coin flip of sorts to John F.

  • Just nice.

  • Just nice.

  • Just nice.

  • John's launch to beat Alexis by hairs.

  • Ron won FC  

  • Sticky.

  • "Two Scoop" Jack Beckman - Dreyes Ice Cream after the race was over.

  • Johnny Gray's accident 1 of 2

  • Johnny Gray 2 of 2

  • Ron Capps. 

  • Me and Mr. & Mrs. James. 

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