Long Beach Grand Prix Walk-around - Friday

Walking around the Long Beach Grand Prix allows one to take in many of the sights that sitting in one location will NOT show or tell.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Indy Light wing
  • Indy Light transaxle
  • Fans fans fans will stand in line for an autograph of their hero.
  • Paul Tracy's punted and shredded car.
  • Team Jaguar and their aerodynamic cars and there not so ... (see next pic of wing)...

  • and Team Jaguar's unaerodynamic wing strut interface. "No time to fix." It's wake bows out and make what little wing real estate they do have - INefficient. Period.

  • Team Falken's clean and aerodynamic Porsche ride...

  • Team Falken's very aerodynamic wing span. Notice its spanwise curvature to interface with the greenhouse or cockpit.

  • Team Corvette's aerodynamic ride ...

  • And, Team Corvette's VERY aerodynamic (best ever seen) wing strut interface.

  • Oreca's aero front end...

  • Lola's aerodynamic ventral fence. Good for marketing, too.

  • The business end of the Level 5's LMP2 Lola.

  • Muscle Millk's LMP1 Lola.

  • What do they call them - goosenecks or walrus tusks or wing blanketers in a cross-wind?

  • Three Penske drivers signing autographs: Briscoe, Wilson and Castroneves.

  • A LOT of LOTuses, eh?

  • Takuma Sato signing a Japanese fan's item and being peppered by Japanese fellowmen photogs.

  • Dusty Brandel and some CHIPper guy (Ganassi).

  • A couple of Poles. (I'm a quarter Polish but Oscar Kovaleski is a purebred)

  • Danica at her press conference - is here for the fan. Honored to be a model to some young(er) fans.

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