Friday at the 40th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach's Pro-Celebrity Friday pics.

Enjoy the pictures...

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  • MR. Al Unser, Jr. getting ready to depart for qualifying. 

  • Kyle Petty showing the Toyota crew how to make his car faster.

  • Rutledge Wood

  • Mario Andretti.... separate locale.

  • After qualifying...

  • After qualifying...

  • After qualifying...

  • The car, Toyota Scion FRS.

  • Telling the top qualifiers..

  • Telling the qualifying results....

  • Brett Davern, fastest qualifier. 

  • Les Unger, Toyota executive, center.

  • Danny McKeever, FastLane, Willow Springs.

  • Trica Helfer

  • Adrian Brody

  • Wade, technical consultant on behalf of Toyota.

  • Rutledge holding court

  • Tricia Helfer

  • FRS

  • Rutledge Wood.

  • Vanessa Marcil

  • s, s, Brett Davern, Vanessa Marcil.

  • Kyle Petty happy to finally raced a - Toyota and finish out his bucket-list. 

  • Brett Davern

  • Brett Davern

  • Max Thierot

  • Max Thierot

  • Vanessa Marcil

  • Kyle Petty

  • Vanessa Marcil

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