AUTO CLUB 400, Fontana, CA.

Here are a variety of shots taken throughout the day Sunday. I could write another story but it is very late and exhausted by a very effective and nice day.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Light rain at 8am...
  • Is Joey Lagano texting with a fortune teller?
  • The PACE CAR. Want one? I do.
  • There is a(n aerodynamic reason) why the front edge sticks out past the rear edge of a wheelwell. Minimal drag.
  • Drag Racer No. 1 - Del Worsham, Alanabi/TF
  • 'It can only get better' Jeff is thinking.
  • Mr. Robby Gordon
  • A PERFECT FLYOVER; Centered at "...of the brave."
  • Robby in the cockpit.
  • Linda (Vaughn) and another one of her brothers! ; )
  • TMZ team being toured...
  • 1000s of HP about to be unleashed.
  • Juan leading. Nice logo, uh?
  • What a gang of automotive greats.
  • Kevin emerging from his steed, err, Impala.
  • It is okay to take a cell call - IF YOU WIN THE RACE!
  • Team's first collective - HOORAH!!!
  • Drag Racer No. 2 - John Force, Force/Ford/FC

  • Safety Meeting headed by ACS's Mike Carnes.

  • An IMPRESSIVE drivers meeting.

  • Kevin smokin' 'em because he - did. Get it?

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