Auction America's, Burbank, CA August 1-3, 2013

Enjoy these pictures as I strolled Auction America's Inaugural event. I think the success will be - repeatable.

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  • Well done at the Burbank Airport Marriott facility. 

  • Mr. Leno giving color commentary.

  • An eye-appealing stage and presence of the overall show. 

  • Plenty and plenty of cars. See two more for the complete look. 

  • 'Nuf said.

  • In the Valet lot. Nice.

  • A portion of the valet lot was interesting.

  • Mr. Mark Donohue made this car famous.

  • 220mph.

  • Part of the reason...

  • The VIP area was well stocked. Get it?

  • A friend informs another friend to - "Buy it!"

  • <dog looking up> "C'mon, let me bid. It's got a great back seat."

    <dog on the ground> "Nevermind. It is a waste of time." 

  • Power of a supercharger was had for this '67 'Stang.

  • Dual Ghia.

  • Gorgeous.

  • The XJ220.

  • Nice Chevelle...

  • and its power.

  • Stately. Period.

  • Fast.

  • The powerplant of the Eleanor...

  • Eleanor...

  • Scrape

  • Scrape

  • Lincoln Zephyr oaan the steering wheel.

  • Scrape

  • Least is best - powerful.

  • '37 Ford.

  • Did have a V8. Haha.

  • Christine on steroids.

  • Pristine. 

  • Slick.

  • Beautiful.

  • Cars and ...

  • more cars.

  • Galpin in force.

  • '63 Coupe de Ville.

  • Jay's office Saturday.... not a bad gig.

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