54th Annual SEMA Convention 2017

Enjoy these pics taken Oct.31 to Nov. 3, 2017

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Breakfast start to convention...

  • Entering North Hall from Westgate.

  • A USAF I-8 wrap

  • '63 Caddy 

  • LeMans racer

  • LeMans racer

  • Tires and Trucks were present...

  • Lund's unveiling...

  • Lund's VP of Marketing and Director of Brand for unveiling. 

  • Dodge done by Sam's Garage...

  • Gathering of racing smarts

  • Gathering of racing smarts

  • Gathering of racing smarts

  • GM's VP of Global Motorsports, Jim Campbell.

  • Interesting motorcycle and plexiglass viewing bodywork. 

  • John D'Agastino's Buick...

  • Gene Winfield, John D'Agastino, ?

  • John D'Agastino and THE Gene Winfield

  • LeMans racer

  • LeMans racer

  • 40's Caddy

  • Cadillac I think. Sorry. 

  • Gene Winfield working in a booth...

  • A Las Vegas men's bathroom tile...

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