54th Annual Circle K NHRA Winternationals at Pomona.

Enjoy Saturday's Qualifying and walking around pictures.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Frank Hawley's Dual Seated dragster...

  • Frank's dual seated ride

  • Bill Miller's TF car.

  • Later - Vincent Nobile's #1 ProStock Qualifier.

  • Brittany Force's TF ride.

  • Two TFs at speed.

  • Two more TFs at speed.

  • Tony Schumacher's "Sarge" at S P E E D.

  • Stands are full at 2pm.

  • Tony Pedragon's gift for T.V. Tommy Ivo.

  • Alexis DeJoria's jubilation after entering the '3 second club' with a 3.99 second run. 

  • Phil Burkardt's car going away in the near lane.

  • Jack Beckman being left behind and still not qualified.

  • Tony Pedragon full tilt.

  • Matt Hagan looking - fast to say the least.

  • Courtney Force moving right along.  .  .

  • THE GOODYEAR Blimp. Wow. Aerial TV coverage by them.

  • Robert Hight again...

  • WingFoot Express Fuel Altered having a 'fun' pass for the crowd.

  • Anything that resembles The Blue Max is - cool. 

  • One can eat off of this engine bay. Period.

  • Willys.

  • Willys.

  • THIS is iridescent!!!

  • Nice 40's FORD.

  • Nice 'vette.

  • Nice Model A FORD.

  • Classic '55 Chevy, uh?

  • Just beautiful. 

  • Just beautiful^3.

  • Crowds stay till the very end...

  • The Sarge warming up to launch.

  • Tony launching the Sarge!

  • 16 time TF Champion John Force.

  • Funny Cars' final runs of the day. 

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