52nd Annual Auto Club NHRA Finals

Sporadic pics around Saturday's qualifying

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Angie Smith; Looks like Speed to me. . . 

  • 2nd TF Qualifying session...

  • Midday - the stands were full.

  • FC qualifying

  • TF qualifying

  • Courtney Force prepares for a qualifiying run while husband and IndyCar driver, Graham Rahal, observes.

  • Ron Capps before capturing the Championship

  • Says it all. 

  • Monkeys are about to play - hard... Alex Laughlin is right in there qualifying fifth.

  • Brittany Force's ride.

  • The tool on the 'dash' to ensure Brittany Force is forcefully sinched into her seat per her seatbelts.

  • The exhausts light up with the sun going down around 6pm.

  • TF cars launching...

  • TF cars launching...

  • J.R. Todd explodes his engine... 

  • J.R. Todd's intake and blower askew after his engine explodes.

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