49th Annual Auto Club Finals - Elimination Day

Enjoy some pics of the day...

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  • Rickie Jones, ProStock Champion being interviewed. Very demure and most appreciative of all.

  • Shawn Langdon being introduced.

  • Brandon Bernstein being introduced to the masses.

  • Matt Hagan, Bob Tasca, Jr. and Johnny Gray

  • "I told you I am the better driver!" - Don Prudhomme to Tom McEwen.

  • Alexis and Courtney.

  • Courtney Force!

  • Jack Beckman.

  • Tim Wilkerson.

  • Alexis, Courtney, Miss Traxxas.

  • Superman. Mr. John "#16" Force.

  • What the drivers see when intro'd.

  • Tom Compton, President of NHRA, see a bright future for the association.

  • "There I was - 3.995 E.T." - John Force.

  • John Paul DeJoria.

  • Tony Schumacher's TF car.

  • Brandon's TF ride.

  • Antron Brown and Bob Vandergriff's TF cars.

  • John Force's Mustang FC.

  • Batman, err, Shawn Gann.

  • Gann's 0.002 second win in 1st round.

  • Jeg Coughlin's run - to a Championship.

  • The crowned champion, Jeg Coughlin.

  • Shawn Langdon.

  • Shawn Langdon embracing Jeg Couglin.

  • Speaks for itself, uh?

  • Rickie Jones after exiting his ride.

  • Matt Hagan showing his excitement for his Finals' win.

  • Don Schumacher and team erupt in joy for Matt's FC win.

  • Shawn's last run of the year to win - the Finals.

  • Alan Johnson and team enjoy Shawn's win lights.

  • Shawn Langdon with Finals trophy.

  • Matt Hagan's ride.

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