2011 Winternationals - Pomona, CA

Some photos Saturday afternoon and 'Sunnyday.'

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Spencer Massey and his cockpit (design)
  • New Mitsos' Pro Stock Ride 1of3
  • Mitsos' Pro Stock 2of3
  • Mitsos' Pro Stock 3of3
  • Ms. Ashley Force
  • Force doing what he does best...
  • Shawn on point...
  • Ron Capps and the fans...
  • Robert is High(t) on target here.
  • Morgan was a bbllurrrrr...
  • The winners Morgan Lucas (TF), Robert Hight (FC) and Jason Line (PS).
  • Another 'Aerodynamic' Schumacher Office (Antron's)
  • THE Results - 51st Winternationals (Pomona).
  • Tony's New Aerodynamic Office.
  • The Crowds "WEATHERED" 'it' and stayed strong till end.
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