Sunday, 5/22/11 — Bump Day At Indy

24 qualified yesterday with 9 spots to fill today and then the bumping begins. If you get bumped from the field today the only possible way to get back in is bump someone else. All this fun begins at noon.

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  • And the rain came right after second qualifer Graham Rahal. ©Clarino 5/22/11
  • Briscoe just out of his car after qualifying on Sunday. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Briscoe removes his helmet after his qualifying run on Sunday. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Right now Briscoe sits in the 27th qualifying position with a speed of 224.639. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Hunter-Reay just after his Sunday qualifying run. 5/22/11

  • Hunter watches timing and scoring as they post his positin on he grid. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Kimball was the 7th car to qualify today. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Charlie Kimball qualified with a speed of 224.499. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Kimball gets ready to go out for his qualifying lap. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Alex Lloyd waiting to go out for his Sunday qualifying run. ©Clarino5/22/11

  • Lloyd remove ear plugs after qualifying with a speed of 223.472. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Pippa Mann was the 6th qualifier today. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Pippa removes her helmet after qualifying on Sunday. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Pippa Mann quaiified at a speed of 223.936. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Mann in Car #36 moves up to go out for her qualifying run. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Matos pulls up to go out for his qualifying run. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Matos is surprised when he learns his speed. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Matos was bumped from the field. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Ryab Hunter-Reay brings the #28 car into the pits after his qualfying run. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Tracy is all smiles his press conference as he qualified with a speed of 224.939. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • A happy Danica — rare?  ©Clarino 5/14/11

  • An "oh no" Danica. ©Clarino 5/14/11

  • An unhappy Danica. as the rains came. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Danica and dad confer. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Danica get rid of her steering wheel after a qualifying run of 224.861. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • Go Daddy team has hugs and hand shakes all aound as Danica make the 2011 Indy field. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • This is a dedicated Indy 500 fan. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • A Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter hovers over the track for Arm Forces Day. ©Clarino 5/22/11

  • A Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter was at the speedway for Arm Forces Day. ©Clarino 5/22/11

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