Saturday, May 24, 2014

Legends Day

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  • The pace car leads the field of legends down the front straight. ©Clarino

  • Driving the blue and white Dean Van Lines is Mario Andretti ©Clarino

  • The driver of the Bowes Seal Fast was the famous AJ Foyt. ©Clarino

  • Johnny Thomson drove this car #7. ©Clarino

  • Pancho Carter was the driver of this car. ©Clarino

  • The two man Pirrung Special. ©Clarino

  • The #15 Bardahl Special is a Kurtis. ©Clarino

  • The driver of the yellow Bryant Cooling & Heating car was Jimmy Clark. ©Clarino

  • The driver of the Viceroy car #21 was Mario Andretti. ©Clarino

  • Gary Mondschein is driving car #26.

  • The Stearly Motor Freight Inc. Special sports the #28. ©Clarino

  • The Lotus turbine STP Oil Treatment Special. ©Clarino

  • Car #99, George Amick drove this Demler Special. ©Clarino

  • Three legendary cars go into the first turn. ©Clarino

  • A pack of four cruise around the track. ©Clarino

  • #8 leads #21 into the first turn. ©Clarino

  • The Konstant Hot Special. ©Clarino

  • Don Branson was the driver of the Mid Continent Securities Special. ©Clarino

  • #9 blue and White Lola. ©Clarino

  • Car #92 Sport Eagle. ©Clarino

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