Saturday, June 25, Iowa Corn Indy 250

Race day morning at the Iowa Speedway was rainy, but hoping clearing would come in time for the 8 p.m. scheduled race.

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  • Tagliani's garage door is the only one open on this rainy morning. İClarino 6/25/11
  • Tagliani's crew works freverishly to get his car ready for the race. İClarino 6/25/11
  • Tag's car is in pieces as his crew works to fix it after his Friday crash. İClarino 6/25/11
  • Alex Tagalini cashed his car during last practice on Friday. İClarino 6/25/11
  • A non crowded Iowa Speedway becasue of morning rains. İClarino 6/25/11
  • It rained and rained race morning at the Iowa Speedway. İClarino 6/25/11
  • Power's crew was busy getting his car ready this afternoon. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • Helio in conference about some car changes. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • A crew member works on the wheel on car #82. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • The crew is busy getting the pole sitting car ready for the race. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • After crashing during 2nd practice yesterday Sato crew is busy putting the car back together again. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • The Newman/Haas crew gets their car ready for today's race. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • Lead lap of the race. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • Helio and TK jocking for position. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • Final pit stop of the race. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • The winning team. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • Winner MArco Andretti does his traditional donuts. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • Finishing second TK was all smiles at his press conference after the race. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • Michael talks about Marco's win at the winner's press conference. ©Clarino 6/25/11

  • A smiling Marco Andretti talks about his winning run at the Iowa Speedway. ©Clarino 6/25/11

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