May 26, 2013 - Race Day

Race Day for the Indianapolis 500.

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  • Tony Kanaan wins the 97th running of the Indianapolis 500. ©Clarino

  • Kanaan leads the last laps to win the 500. ©Clarino

  • Car #11 wins the Indy 500. ©Clarino

  • Tony and the KV group get the winning pace car ride. ©Clarino

  • Tony is all smiles as his wife whispers something to him. ©Carino

  • Dario hits the wall to bring out the yellow for the last laps of the race. ©Clarino

  • The crowd stands as winner Tony comes down the front straight away. ©Clarino

  • Tony Kanaan is number 1. ©Clarino

  • Kanaan get congrats as the pace car travels down pit lane. ©Clarino

  • Tony Kanaan, Indianapolis 500 winner, finally. ©Clarino

  • Michael Andretti on pit lane after the race. ©Clarino

  • Michael gives Tony a hug. ©Clarino

  • Ed Carpenter, who finished 10th, congrats Tony's wife. ©Clarino

  • Legendary race cars did a lap. ©Clarino

  • Sneva drove legendary car #5. ©Clarino

  • Parnelli Jones drove legends before the race. ©Clarinocar #98

  • Legendary car #98 comes down pit lane.

  • The American Flag. ©Clarino

  • Holmatro Saftey Crew stands for the Star-Spangled-Banner. ©Clarino

  • The colorful balloons fly. ©Clarino

  • City skyline over the crowd. ©Clarino

  • Carpenter leads the first lap. ©Clarino

  • Helio pulls out of the pits before Will. ©Clarino

  • Hinch and Tag run down pit lane after a stop. ©Clarino

  • Dinger finished finished 7th. ©Clarino

  • Carpenter finished 10th. ©Clarino

  • Helio finished 6th. ©Clarino

  • Kimball was sick before the race,  but was able to start. ©Clarino

  • Marco in the pits during the race. ©Clarino

  • Marco gets out of his car after the race. ©Clarino

  • Marco finished 4th. ©Clarino

  • Power finished 19th. ©Clarino

  • Viso finished 18th. ©Clarino

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