IMS Celebration of Automobiles

A formal celebration of classic and historic automobiles.This occasion is the first event of its kind ever held at the Speedway.

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  • BARDAHL Special. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • Mercedes Blue Goose. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • # 20 runs down pit lane at Indy. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • The Curtis 500A leads the 2nd group onto the track. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • Bright red Epperly. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • Hudson. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • Marmon. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • An Offy runs down pit lane. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • Parade of vintage race cars. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • Vintage race car line up on pit row. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • A Stuz and a Hispano Suiza led the start of the celebration of Automobiles on Friday May 13th. ©Clarino

  • Stuz Fire Engine coming down the front straight at Indy. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • Watson DOHC Ford zips down the front straight. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • A Yellow Stuz was one of the 250 classics on display at Indy on Friday the 13th. ©Clarino 5/13/11

  • Around 250 vintage cars came to Indy to celebrate its 100th anniversary. ©Clarino 5/13/11

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