A Washed Out May 18th

This was the third day that practice has be washed out at Indy, but there were still a lot of smiles in the pits.

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  • The Andretti gang confers. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Bertrand Baguette looks out of the timing stand at the mist. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Briscoe had a smile on his face as they opened the track for practice. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Ed still wears his ball cap, no racing helmet in sight. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Denis Reinbold and Larry Curry. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Ho-Pin Tung from China. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Rookie James Hinchcliffe is from Toronto. İClarino 5/18/11
  • JR Hildebrand is driving the National Guard car this year. İClarino 5/18/11
  • What a nice yawn. İClarino 5/18/11
  • A stocking cap for Pippa and no helmet today. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Optimistic, Vitor wears sunglasses. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Michael wears a raincoat to keep the mist out. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Roger and Ryan look skyward as the mist continues. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Buddy was all smiles. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Tomas Scheckter. İClarino 5/18/11
  • Servia was one of the drivers hoping to get out for practice. ©Clarino 5/18/11

  • Scott Speed is driving the Dragon Racing Fuzzy's Vodka. ©Clarino 5/18/11

  • Jimmy Vasser also wears sunglasses hoping the rainy mist will stop. ©Clarino 5/18/11

  • Justin Wilson. İClarino 5/18/11
  • AJ Sits on the pit wall waiting for the mist to stop. ©Clarino 5/18/11

  • The cars at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway were covered as the day was a washout again and practice was called. ©Clarino 5/18/11

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