2018 Fast Friday at IMS

Fast Friday INDYCAR practice.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Ed Jones pit crew works on the #10 car. ©Clarino

  • Gabby Chaves is all smiles. ©Clarino

  • Chaves on pit wall. ©Clarino

  • Max Chilton watches practice. ©Clarino

  • Connor Daly has a smile on his face after his first practice run. ©Clarino

  • James Davison getting his helmet. ©Clarino

  • Davison with helmet. ©Clarino

  • Davison puts helmet on. ©Clarino

  • Max Chilton is in car #59. ©Clarino

  • Tony looks like he has a grin on his face. ©Clarino

  • Hildebrand car during a pit stop. ©Clarino

  • Pippa looks concerned. ©Clarino

  • Chaves is talking to the press. ©Clarino

  • Daly is giving an interview. ©Clarino

  • Kanaan is talking about his track time. ©Clarino

  • Mann and car owner Dale Coyne. ©Clarino

  • Pippa Mann. ©Clarino

  • Chip Ganassi at the Friday morning Ganassi press conference. ©Clarino

  • Ed Jones attended the Ganassi press conference. ©Clarino

  • Mike Hull talks about the currant Ganassi team at the Friday press conference. ©Clarino

  • 2018 Lewis Schwitzer Award press conference. ©Clarino

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