Ventura USAC Western Midget & VRA Sprint

Photos from the USAC Western States Midget and VRA Sprint Car Races at Ventura on June 25, 2011. Photos Ed Hollowell

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  • Greg Taylor with Michael Grosswendt of race sponsor All Coast Construction.
  • Josh Lakatos, Winner of the Midget "Battle at the Beach".
  • Nick Carlson, Winner of the Ford Focus Midget feature.
  • Parker Colston, Winner Ford Focus Young Guns feature.
  • Taylor passes Josh Ford during feature.
  • Josh Lakatos leads Midget feature.
  • Sean Dodenhoff rides a flip into the wall during the midget feature. He got out on his own.
  • Josh Lakatos leads pole starter Joey Fabozzi at the midget feature start.
  • Zak Bogner leads Parker Colston and Brennan Rodgers during the Young Guns fearure.
  • Brian Camarillo gets into the cushion during the Sprint heats.
  • A gaggle of cars in turn three during the heat.
  • Greg Taylor and Kevin Kierce hunt for the cushion.
  • The track is rough at the start of the third heat.
  • Cory Kruseman puts Brody Roa in a tight spot during heat 2.
  • Josh Ford leads Jace Vanderweerd as the sun gets low at Ventura.
  • Brent Camarillo is surrounded by Chris Ennis and Greg Bragg.
  • Some sign language from Austin Smith to Joey Fabozzi.
  • Brian Camarillo lost his left rear wheel on lap 28.

  • Josh Ford and Jimmy Crawford lead the field to the Sprint feature start.

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