USAC/CRA Sokola Classic Perris 2014

2014 Perris CA Opener

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  • Damion Gardner does cage top salute to fans after winning the USAC/CRA Sprint Car "Sokola Classic" at Perris, CA March 14, 2014.

  • The Alexander Brothers celebrate second 2014 win with Damion Gardner.

  • Down Perris pit lane.

  • David Bezio had some oil leak on headers.

  • R. J. Johnson got muddy in wheel packing.

  • Matt Mitchell hot laps.

  • Moose Racing and new driver Jake Swanson.

  • Wheels up for Michael Spencer in qualifying.

  • Damion Gardner sets fast time.

  • Ronnie Gardner qualifying.

  • Austin Williams qualifys but his night was short as a cam broke.

  • Seth Wilson hooks up.

  • Richard VanderWeerd qualifys.

  • Cory Kruseman back again.

  • Jake Swanson Qualifys.

  • Nic Faas

  • The Moon also rises!

  • Vern Sweeny in heat.

  • The feature starts.

  • Damion Gardner gets around Spencer on lap 11, but it was called back for a caution.

  • David Bezio held up Gardner for a whole lap as Gardner was trying to lap him.

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