Oval Nationals 2011 Night 2

It's not really an entirely correct description as the rain forced the second night races to be run in the day on the same day as the finals.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Evenlyn Pratt has her place at Perris!
  • Robert Ballou prepairs his car.
  • 'Super' Rickie Gaunt ready to race!
  • Austin Williams
  • Kyle Larson after missing the feature for the second race in a row.
  • The flip that injured Austin Williams.
  • Bryan Clauson leads Brady Bacon.
  • Nic Faas and Chris Wimdom try to split Keith Bloom.
  • Clauson's feature ends early with a broken axle.
  • The fight for second place was between Mike Spencer and Damion Gardner.
  • Chris Windom in winners circle.

  • Podium with Chris Windom, Mike Spencer and Levi Jones.

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