ISW: Putnamville 2012

Darland wins race, Jones wins title at 2012 Indiana Sprint Week.

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  • Levi Jones in the TSR Sprint Car at Putnamville July 22, 2012.
  • Dave Darland with the big trophy for the Putnamville Indiana Sprint Week win.
  • Daron Clayton

  • Jerry Coons Jr.

  • kevin Thomas Jr.

  • Hunter Schurenberg

  • Damion Gardner

  • Robert Ballou

  • Bobby East


  • Jon Stanbrough

  • Jon Sciscoe

  • Bryan Clauson

  • Thomas Meseraull

  • Kevin Thomas Jr,

  • Tracy Hines

  • Levi Jones and Jon Stanbrough.

  • Kevin Thomas Jr. and Dave Darland.

  • Darland and car Owner Jeff Walker.

  • 25th Indiana Sprint Week champion Levi Jones.

  • Levi jones and car owner Tony Stewart.

  • Indiana Sprint Week Podium with Levi Jones, Bryan Clauson and Jon Stanbrough.

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