Indiana Sprint Week 2012 Race 1

Gas City I-69 Speedway opens the 25th Indiana Sprint Week. Captions when time allows.

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  • Entering the track.
  • Bryan Clausson and Levi Jones fought it out for much of the feature but Jon Stanbrough took second by 0.04 seconds at the finish.

  • Teams prep their cars for hot laps

  • Jon Stanbrough and his crew cheif stay in the shade.

  • Clauson does 'Cage Dance' after victory.

  • Victory Lane with Clauson

  • Damion Gardner

  • Richard Vanderweerd.

  • Jonathan Hendrick

  • Jonathan Hendrick gets traction out of turn two.

  • Kevin Thomas Jr.

  • Tracy Hines

  • Chase Stockon

  • Matt Mitchell

  • Jon Stanbrough

  • Seth Parker

  • Bobby East

  • Josh Burton

  • Andrew Elson

  • Brady Short

  • Brady Short gets air.

  • Bryan Clauson

  • Scotty weir

  • Levi Jones

  • Casey Shuman

  • Close, Coleman Gulick; far, Seth Parker.

  • Seth Parker sends dirt flying.

  • Jerry Coons Jr, Bobby East and Dave Darland at the start of a heat.

  • Dave Darland runs the bottom, Brent Beauchamp takes the cushion.

  • Damion Gardner on the cushion while Chad Boespflug runs the middle.

  • In the feature Jevi Jones makes a move on Bryan Clauson.

  • Bad luck as Andrew Elson flips in turn four on a bad restart late in the feature.

  • Winning pass for Bryan Clauson in the Gas City feature.

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