2012 Hall of Fame Classic

2012 Hall of Fame Classic at Canyon Raceway In Phoenix,AZ. USAC Nat. Series.

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  • Night 1 Thomas Meseraull driving looking right.
  • Cory Kruseman in 7x, not the Preastley he has been driving this year.
  • Dave Darland Night 1 Feature winner.
  • Jeremey Sherman in the Kittle Car.
  • Kevin Thomas Jr. Night 1
  • Brody Roa in night 1 Qualifying.
  • R. J. Johnson night 1
  • Nic Faas qualified Night 1
  • Mike Martin qualifies night 1
  • Michael Spencer took fast time on night 1.
  • Robert Ballou Night 1
  • Action starts as Bob East, Jack Yeley (back) and Jeff Walker watch.
  • The Winner, Dave Darland.
  • Dave Darland, Jeff Walker.
  • Walker crew.
  • Arizona Motorsports Hall of Fame 2012 Inducties. (right to left) Billy Boat, Bobby Gibson, Rick (Hoot) Gibson, Bob Passerelli and Richard (GasMan) Griffin.

  • Mike Martin

  • Mike Martin with second place Robert Ballou and third place Damion Gardner. Saterday night winner.

  • Mike Martin after winning 2012 Hall of Fame Classic.

  • Bryan Clauson sets fast time at 13.481 seconds, a new record.

  • Mike Martin qualifies.

  • Dave Darland is righted after roll over during feature. He finished 17th.

  • Charles Davis flipped during feature Saturday.  Cody Williams was also involved.

  • The last restart and Ballou and Gardner chase Martin through turn three.

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