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Ford Performance - Fontana Qualifying Quotes

ARIC ALMIROLA, No. 10 Smithfield Ford Fusion – HOW DISAPPOINTING IS THIS FOR YOU?  “Very.  Man, Fridays are just our Achilles heel right now.  Vegas, we showed up and I was out of control and we weren’t very fast and I think we qualified 29th, and then last weekend we qualified a little bit in qualifying, so Fridays have just not been good for us.  This weekend, we came here with a heavy focus on qualifying.  Our car was really fast right off the truck.  We ended up third in practice and I was really excited about qualifying, and then we didn’t make it out to qualify.  I’m disappointed because our Smithfield Ford Fusion was really fast, but it is what it is.  We’ll get ready for the race now and one of these days we’re gonna get Friday figured out and it’ll just make it a lot easier and cleaner weekend, but, nonetheless, a lot of cars didn’t make it through.  We’re gonna start two spots better than we did in Vegas and we’re gonna start on sticker tires, so we have that to look forward to.”

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Volume 2018, Issue 3, Posted 10:32 PM, 03.16.2018

Team Chevy Notes and Quotes from Fontana

KYLE LARSON, NO. 42 DC SOLAR CAMARO ZL1 - Qualified 3rd 

"Decent qualifying run, we would have liked to have been on the pole but got a little tighter each run.  That is kind of what ended up hurting us a little bit and lost some speed off Turn 2."

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Volume 2018, Issue 3, Posted 10:32 PM, 03.16.2018

Ford Notes and Quotes Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (MENCS) Ticket Guardian 500 (ISM Raceway) Sunday, March 11, 2018

KEVIN HARVICK, No. 4 Jimmy John’s Ford Fusion

KEVIN HARVICK, No. 4 Jimmy John’s Ford Fusion

Finishing Position: 1st

VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW:  “I've been mad as all get out because this team does a great job. This organization does a great job and we've got fast race cars. And to take that away from those guys just really pissed me off last week. To come here to a race track that is so good for us is a lot of fun and everyone was just determined this week and we just wanted to just go stomp them. We didn't stomp them, but we won. That's all that really matters. Just proud of this team. Put a fire in our belly. I’ve just got to thank everyone at Jimmy John's, Busch, Ford, Mobile 1, Outback, Hunt Brothers, Morton Buildings, Textron, Liftmaster, Haas Automation. I always forget the owners. Gene Haas and and Tony Stewart. What a badass team right there!"

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Volume 2018, Issue 3, Posted 11:18 PM, 03.11.2018

Toyota MENCS Phoenix Post-Race Recap 3.11.18

KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 Skittles Sweet Heat Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 2nd

How was your race today and how strong was the race car?

“Our guys did a great job. We didn’t have a second-place car yesterday so Adam (Stevens, crew chief) and the guys did a phenomenal job overnight of making some adjustments to this thing and getting it where we needed it in order to have a fast race car to keep up with the 4 (Kevin Harvick). 

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Volume 2018, Issue 3, Posted 11:09 PM, 03.11.2018

Ford Notes and Quotes NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS) DC Solar 200 (ISM Raceway)

BRAD KESELOWSKI, No. 22 Fitzgerald Glider Kits Ford Mustang

Finishing Position: 1st

VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW: “Brian Wilson made some great adjustments to the car and the weather kind of came to us with what we needed for how our car was handling. It is good to see that work out for everyone at Team Penske with the Fitzgerald Glider Ford Mustang. It was a solid team effort. I wasn’t perfect today by any stretch of the imagination but the car was really strong. Really, really good for about 50-60 laps. The last 20 laps it would fall off pretty good but the guys made it count. I am really proud of them.”


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Volume 2018, Issue 3, Posted 10:00 PM, 03.10.2018

Toyota NXS Phoenix Post-Race Recap - 3.10.18

CHRISTOPHER BELL, No. 20 Rheem Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 4th

What happened after that final pit stop?

“I don’t know. I don’t know if the track changed or the car changed. We started the race on qualifying tires and then we sticky tires on. I am sure it changed a little bit but I couldn’t feel much inside the car. I am really bummed we didn’t get a better finish after that long run and taking the lead. I really felt like we had something for him. Our Rheem Camry was really strong on the long run and we lacked on the short run. We were just a little bit too loose. I am still proud of our partners Rheem, GameStop, Toyota and TRD (Toyota Racing Development). Thank you for the fans for sticking it out today and we’ll try to get another top finish next week.”

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Volume 2018, Issue 3, Posted 9:56 PM, 03.10.2018

Ford Performance NASCAR: Las Vegas (Ford Wins For 2nd Straight Weekend with Harvick)

KEVIN HARVICK, No. 4 Jimmy John’s Ford Fusion

VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW: “We have definitely had three good race cars with the Xfinity Car and the Cup car and we had a good race car at Daytona as well and got caught up in a wreck. As you look at the last two weeks and our 1.5-mile program in general it has been really good since I started here at SHR. They put a lot of effort into everything we do from every standpoint to get these cars going like they are. I have to thank everyone from Stewart-Haas Racing, Gene and Tony, it is fun to have them here when we win. Everybody who helps put this thing on the race track, we couldn’t do it without them. And the fans for coming out to the racetrack today. We really appreciate you all coming out. It is always fun for me to win on the west coast and I didn’t have a lot of luck here until I came to SHR. It is great to win on the west coast for me.”

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Volume 2018, Issue 3, Posted 8:30 PM, 03.04.2018

CHEVY MENCS AT LAS VEGAS 1: Kyle Larson Leads Team Chevy at Vegas


THE MODERATOR:  Now we are joined by the driver of the No. 42 Credit One Bank Chevrolet, third‑place finisher Kyle Larson.  Kyle, this is your second consecutive top‑three finish at Las Vegas, another good one following up a win yesterday.  Maybe talk about the race out there, please.

KYLE LARSON:  Yeah, it was a good race for us, finished third, I think, in both stages and third in the race.  You know, solid day.  Had to fight pretty hard there a few times throughout the race just from losing a lot of track position on the pit stops and stuff.  I don't honestly know what was going on yet with the pit stops, but we'll watch some tape, and if it was something I was doing wrong, we'll fix that up.

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Volume 2018, Issue 3, Posted 8:20 PM, 03.04.2018

Ford Performance NASCAR: Las Vegas (Xfinity Series Post Race Quotes)

RYAN BLANEY, No. 22 Fitzgerald Glider Kits Ford Mustang

Finishing Position: 4th

“We had a good car. We got better there after the second stop and the third stint but we couldn’t hang on very long. Lost the lead there and couldn’t pass anybody. At worst we should have run second, but it just didn’t work out that way today.”

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Volume 2018, Issue 3, Posted 8:18 PM, 03.03.2018

Toyota NXS Las Vegas Post-Race Recap 3.3.18

CHRISTOPHER BELL, No. 20 Rheem-Smurfit Kappa Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 2nd

How much did you enjoy racing for the lead against Kyle Larson?

“It would have been nice to get up there and get the lead, but I knew if I could get Kyle (Larson) out there we’d be able to race it out. I have to say, I hope Pete Willoughby and Keith Kunz are watching this because they were the two that put both me and Kyle on the national scene and it’s really cool to be able to run one-two.

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Volume 2018, Issue 3, Posted 8:14 PM, 03.03.2018

Toyota Truck Notes 03.02.2018


KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 Cessna Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports

Finishing Position: 1st

What does it mean to win this race at your home track?

“It’s pretty awesome, just great team – everybody at Kyle Busch Motorsports and Rowdy Manufacturing, can’t say enough about this Cessna Toyota Tundra. Really, really fast and I felt like we were just struggling a little bit on the long run. (Mike) Hillman (Jr.) kept making changes on it all night long and he made it better each and every pit stop.

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Volume 2018, Issue 3, Posted 1:03 AM, 03.03.2018

Ford Performance NASCAR: Harvick Leads Ford to 1-2-3 Cup Sweep

KEVIN HARVICK, No. 4 Jimmy John’s Ford Fusion

Position: 1st

VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW – YOU DID THE 3 SALUTE.  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU?  “I’m just so proud of everybody on our team.  That was the first win in my career and to be able to do that and pay tribute to Dale was pretty cool.  I’ve been waiting a long time to do that.  We’ve had so many days where we could do that here, but I just want to thank everybody from Stewart-Haas Racing, Jimmy John’s, Busch, Ford, Mobil 1, Outback, Hunt Brothers, Morton Buildings, Textron Off Road, Liftmaster, everybody who puts this car on the race track and for five years it’s been so fast at this particular race track and a lot of other ones.  I love racing here and it’s good to be back in Victory Lane finally.  It took a while.”

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Volume 2018, Issue 2, Posted 9:45 PM, 02.25.2018

Toyota MENCS Atlanta Post-Race Recap - 2.25.18

DENNY HAMLIN, No. 11 FedEx Ground Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 4th

How did you view the strategy that Mike Wheeler was doing in the final runs?

“It panned out good for us, but obviously the caution fell there and we were still up front. I think we had about a 10-second gap to the next one and I thought that maybe one other car was going to catch us there, but our long run speed was so good that we felt like we needed to stay out there and have less stops and spend more time on the race track. Either way we ended up where we should have and it was a good day for our FedEx Ground Camry team. We’ll just move onto the next race track and see if we can’t improve.”

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Volume 2018, Issue 2, Posted 9:40 PM, 02.25.2018

CHEVY MENCS AT ATLANTA: Post Race Notes and Quotes


“Yeah, definitely not very good.  We have a lot of work to do.  I felt like we made the most of what we had tonight.”

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Volume 2018, Issue 2, Posted 9:35 PM, 02.25.2018

Toyota NCWTS Atlanta Post-Race Recap - 2.24.18

“First of all I have to thank Shige (Hattori, team owner), AISIN, TRD  and Mark Cronquist and JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing) engines and just everyone out here. This is unbelievable to even be in a race car at this point let alone in victory lane. We had a really good truck all night and Kyle (Busch) spun his tires earlier and that put us back, but I knew the 13 (Myatt Snider) was a sitting duck (on the final restart) and I just wanted to get a good restart. Hopefully they got into a battle behind us and they did – it’s pretty surreal.”

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Volume 2018, Issue 2, Posted 9:52 PM, 02.24.2018

Toyota NXS Atlanta Post-Race Recap - 2.24.18

“Our Ruud Camry was really fast. We just weren’t quite good enough to catch up to the 98 (Kevin Harvick). I felt like the 22 (Joey Logano) and I were pretty equal. At times I’d be better, at times he’d be better. Probably just used it up too much on that last one. I hope the all fans enjoyed watching the race on their Xfinity X1 app and tune in next week for a good one at Vegas (Las Vegas Motor Speedway).”

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Volume 2018, Issue 2, Posted 9:46 PM, 02.24.2018

Ford Daytona Notes and Quotes

Paul Menard, No. 21 Omnicraft Ford Fusion

“We had a really fast Omnicraft Ford today. These guys are awesome. Great race car. I ran upfront the first-half of the race. I got shuffled out. Denny (Hamlin) bumped me in Turn 3 and got loose and lost all my track position. I just kept fighting from there to get my track position back. Great run for us. We had shot to win the Daytona 500 at the end of the race. We just came up short.”

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Volume 2018, Issue 2, Posted 9:15 PM, 02.18.2018

Chevrolet Notes and Quotes from the Daytona 500


“Right now I just want to thank the good Lord above. I did what I had to do there at the end. I hate it for the No. 10 (Aric Almirola) guys. We had a run, and I stayed in the gas. It is what it is here at Daytona. This is so awesome to take the No. 3 car back to Victory Lane 20 years ago. This one is for Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and all those Sr. fans.  I love you guys.  We are going to keep kicking butt the rest of the year!”

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Volume 2018, Issue 2, Posted 9:14 PM, 02.18.2018

Toyota: Martin Truex Jr. Fast Facts and Toyota Executive Quotes


MARTIN TRUEX JR, No. 78 Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Boats Toyota Camry, Furniture Row Racing

Finishing Position: 1st

How much of this season was for your girlfriend Sherry Pollex?

“A lot of it was for her. A lot of it was for me. A lot of it was for this team – just, I don’t even know what to say. We just never gave up all day long. We didn’t have the best car. I don’t know how we won that thing. Never give up. Dig deep. I told my guys we were going to dig dipper than we ever have today and 20 to go I thought I was done – they were all better than me on the long run all day long.

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 8:59 PM, 11.19.2017

Toyota Notes and Quotes from Homestead 11.19.2017

HOMESTEAD, Fla. (November 19, 2017)  Toyota won the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (MENCS) manufacturer’s championship with a victory by Camry driver Martin Truex Jr. at Homestead-Miami Speedway to claim its second-consecutive Cup manufacturer’s title Sunday.

After winning its first Cup manufacturer’s title in 2016, Toyota won the 2017 championship on the strength of 16 victories this season, punctuated by the performance of Truex, who won the 2017 driver’s championship.

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 8:16 PM, 11.19.2017

CHEVY MENCS AT HOMESTEAD: Post Race Notes and Quotes


“Yeah, we had a great Credit One Bank Chevy today.  Throughout the first half especially.  It seemed like the 18 and them guys were probably a little bit faster than me the first, I don’t know 15 laps a run and then I was really, really good.  I was definitely better than them in front of me, but I was just stuck in their dirty air a little bit. 

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 8:12 PM, 11.19.2017

Ford Performance Homestead Quotes

BRAD KESELOWSKI -- No. 2 Miller Lite Ford Fusion (Finished 7th/4th in Championship) -- “We ran as hard as we could and put it all out there and just basically didn’t have enough speed.  On the mile-and-a-halves we weren’t as good as the 78 and 18 and those guys.  This last race coming down to a mile-and-a-half didn’t particularly bode well for us, but my team ran as hard as they could run.  They made some great calls - Paul Wolfe and everybody and put ourselves in position every chance we could to make the most out of the opportunities that existed without just being lightning fast, but it wasn’t there.”

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 8:05 PM, 11.19.2017

Ford Performance NASCAR: Cole Custer Race-Winning Press Conference

COLE CUSTER:  We just had an extremely good car the whole weekend really.  I mean, we came down here and tested a couple months ago, and really the second that we hit the track, we knew we were going to be really good the whole time.  Really this whole year we've had so much speed, it's just what can happen during the race or how the track is going to change or just what's going to go wrong.  I think we really did a good job this weekend trying to get our car to race good and trying to just ‑‑ comfortable to drive and move around a little bit, so I think that's the biggest thing that we tried to do, and obviously our car was unbelievable and can't thank everybody enough, and I think it's a perfect way to end the season.

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 10:55 PM, 11.18.2017

Chevrolet Camaro Carries William Byron to Championship Victory

HOMESTEAD, Fla. (November 18, 2017) – William Byron, driver of the No. 9 Liberty University Chevrolet Camaro, claimed the 2017 NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS) championship with a third-place finish in the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway. His title, the first for Byron and second in the past four seasons for JR Motorsport co-owners Kelley Earnhardt Miller and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., marks Chevrolet’s 19th Driver’s Championship since the inception of the series in 1982.

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 10:50 PM, 11.18.2017

Ford Performance NASCAR: Custer Wins First Race While Hornish Delivers Owner's Title to Team Penske Inbox x

SAM HORNISH JR. -- No. 22 REV/Fleetwood Ford Mustang -- “Great day. It didn’t look really good after the first stint. I didn’t have any brakes left. Not sure what happened. We’ve been having a little bit of a brake issue. I may have rode them too hard trying to get the car to do what  I wanted it to do. The Ford Mustang came to life after we were able to make some changes on it on the first stop. I basically didn’t use any brakes on the last 155 laps. It was great that we didn’t have a bunch of restarts. I felt that if we did we might have had to makes some adjustment to run with Cole. Congratulations on Cole (Custer) in winning his first race and William (Byron) for winning the championship. (They) brought me down here to take care of the car and make sure we got our goal accomplished and I felt that we did a good job doing that. As a racecar driver you always want a little more. You want to win the race. Just really happy. Looking forward in getting home tomorrow to see my wife and kids. I just want to thank everyone at Penske for putting me in this car. Thanks to Roger, Tim Cindric and the guys for giving me this opportunity.”

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 10:33 PM, 11.18.2017

Toyota NXS Homestead Post-Race Recap - 11.18.17


RYAN PREECE, No. 18 Safelite AutoGlass Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 5th

We saw words exchanged between  you and Elliott Sadler, what’s your side of the story?

“I mean, really I got hired to race this race for the owner championship. We weren’t anywhere near the 22 (Sam Hornish Jr.), but we were racing the 9 (William Byron)

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 10:28 PM, 11.18.2017

Ford Performance NASCAR: Phoenix 2 Cup Post Race

BRAD KESELOWSKI -- No. 2 Miller Lite Ford Fusion -- “We overcame a lot of obstacles and jumped a lot of hurdles today. I am glad I don’t have to relive this day, that is for sure. I am just looking forward to going to Homestead. This feels a little bit like Christmas. Sometimes you need a little luck on your side. Today we had that. It wasn’t by any means where we wanted to run. We wanted to run up front and have a shot for the win. That wasn’t in the cards. We tried to run the smartest race we could and survive and it ended up paying off in the end.”  

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 10:02 PM, 11.12.2017

Toyota MENCS Phoenix Post-Race Recap 11.12.2017

MATT KENSETH, No. 20 Circle K Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 1st

What are the emotions you’re feeling after winning this race?

“I don’t know what to say except thank the Lord. It’s been an amazing journey and I know I’m a big baby right now. Just have one race left and everybody dreams about going out a winner. We won today and nobody can take that away from us. That was a heck of a battle with Chase (Elliott) there. I have to thank Circle K, Toyota, DeWalt and all our partners. Thanks to JGR, it’s been a great five years. It’s been quite the journey in this 20.”

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 9:57 PM, 11.12.2017

CHEVY MENCS AT PHOENIX TWO: Post Race Notes and Quotes



‘Yeah, for sure. We were so close to having another shot next week. But man, I can’t say enough for our team and our Hooter’s Chevrolet this weekend. We fought really hard today and gave ourselves a chance. Our car was really fast on those short runs after a caution and after pit cycles on tires. It fired off really good and we did pretty good on the short run all day and got really tight as the run went long. And once the rubber laid back down I was just hanging on and hop I could get to traffic before I started going away. It’s just such a bummer. I was telling my guys we’ll get it right someday, or I’ll get it right someday. We’ve had so many good opportunities and at some point, we’ve just got to close.”

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 9:52 PM, 11.12.2017

Toyota NCWTS Phoenix Post-Race Recap - 11.10.17

CHRISTOPHER BELL, No. 4 Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports

Finishing Position: 8th

Can you take us through the side-by-side racing with Noah Gragson?

“It was really intense and we were both doing everything we could to go for the win. It’s a big advantage to be on the outside because you have all the side force and whenever you crowd him like that you take all the air off the side of his truck. I knew that I was playing with fire there and that there was a good possibility that I was going to get us both in trouble. He (Noah Gragson) was doing a really good job down there of hanging onto it and keeping it up – we were just racing really hard and it didn’t work out.”

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 12:42 AM, 11.11.2017

Ford Performance NASCAR: Blaney Wins the Pole at Phoenix

RICKY STENHOUSE JR. – No. 17 Robert Yates Tribute Ford Fusion – HOW WAS IT WITH THE SUN?  “It was typical.  It was difficult.  Right there I locked up the left-front pretty hard the first time out and it flat-spotted it, so we went back in the pits and kind of went back out there just to try and get a little bit better lap to get a better pit stall, knowing that we’re gonna have to change our tires anyway and have to start at the back.  It was a bummer.  I wanted our Yates Tribute car to start closer to the front, but we’re gonna have to pass a lot of cars during the race.  This was a good race for us in the spring and I feel like from practice today I had an OK car.  We’ll see how it goes tomorrow and hope to pass a lot of cars come Sunday.”

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 9:41 PM, 11.10.2017

Toyota Racing Post-Qualifying Quotes Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (MENCS) Phoenix Raceway November 10, 2017

DENNY HAMLIN, No. 11 FedEx Ground Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Starting Position: 2nd

How was your lap?

“It was just short of great. It was close – second week in a row second, but we're knocking on the door. We're fast. We're doing everything we need to do to put pressure on the other guys and try to get a win. Our car is obviously fast enough, just got to tune it in tomorrow and get this thing going for 500K or something like that.”

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 9:40 PM, 11.10.2017

Ford Performance NASCAR: Harvick Wins Texas

RYAN BLANEY, No. 21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Fusion – HOW AGGRESSIVE DO YOU NEED TO BE NEXT WEEK AT PHOENIX?  “Obviously, we need to be really aggressive.  We need to go try and win the race.  That’s really the only thing we can do, so I’m proud of the effort by the team today.  We didn’t start off very good and we got really good towards the middle and had one run where I was super-loose towards the end.  I gave up like five spots.  I got real loose and that was unfortunate, but we got our car a little bit better at the end.  We kind of restarted eighth and ran sixth.  Thanks to the effort by the Wood Brothers  group and hopefully we’ll have a good Phoenix.”  YOU GOT SOME STAGE POINTS TODAY.  “I was happy with not being great the first stage and running eighth there and then getting better and finishing third in the second one.  We had our car better and that effort was pretty good.”  ONE SPOT AVAILABLE AT PHOENIX.  “You pretty much have to go and win the race.  That’s all we can do.  It’s gonna be hard to point your way in because everyone is running pretty good.  We’ll just try to win Phoenix and do the best we can.”

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 9:53 PM, 11.05.2017

Toyota MENCS Texas Post-Qualifying Recap - 11.3.17

DENNY HAMLIN, No. 11 FedEx Office Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Starting Position: 2nd

You laid down a lap of 200.617 miles per hour. Incredible lap out there. Did you think that was good enough to get the pole when you laid that down, or did you think that may not hold?

"I thought it would definitely have a chance. We improved with our time each round, and we were top five each round, as well. So I definitely thought once I ran it, it was going to be very close. Some of the guys that were up front, we dodged those bullets early in the third round, but the 41 (Kurt Busch) was the last one that I knew could give us trouble, and they got us right there off of Turn 4."

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 11:01 PM, 11.03.2017

Dale Jr Press Conference Transcript

DALE EARNHARDT, JR., NO. 88 AXALTA CHEVROLET SS, met with members of the media at Homestead-Miami Speedway and discussed competing in his final race as a full-time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driver, his emotions going into his final race, the group of people he will have around him and many other topics. Full transcript courtesy Chevrolet:

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 12:50 PM, 11.17.2017

Almirola to Race the No. 10 Smithfield Ford Fusion Beginning in 2018

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (Nov. 8, 2017) – Stewart-Haas Racing has signed Aric Almirola to join its Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series lineup in 2018. The 33-year-old from Tampa, Florida, will drive the team's No. 10 Smithfield Ford Fusion. Almirola has won races in each of NASCAR's top-three national touring series and is currently in his sixth full season in the premier NASCAR Cup Series. Almirola has one NASCAR Cup Series victory, three NASCAR Xfinity Series wins and two NASCAR Camping World Truck Series triumphs.

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Volume 2017, Issue 11, Posted 6:47 PM, 11.08.2017

Post-Race Driver Quotes After Martinsville's First Data 500

FORD: RYAN BLANEY – No. 21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Fusion – “I felt the first half of our day was pretty good.  We lost a lot of handle the second half after the second stage and really were struggling.  On short runs I thought we were OK for 20 laps or so, but the last handful of restarts were just pandemonium.  It was pretty ridiculous with everyone wrecking each other and running into each other.  I thought we were gonna make it through the last one, but we just kind of got caught up off of four in all that stuff.  At least we salvaged a decent day.  Honestly, a lot of cars got torn up, but we’ll go on to Texas and see what we have.”  WHAT DID YOU SEE ON THE LAST RESTART? “I have no idea.  I just knew I was in a wreck too.  We just kind of got caught up in three and four.  That’s the thing, we would have finished third or fourth and got sandwiched there, but it was chaos.  I haven’t seen that in a long time.”

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Volume 2017, Issue 10, Posted 11:18 PM, 10.29.2017