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Toyota Racing NCS Post-Race Recap -- Pocono2 6.28.20

DENNY HAMLIN, No. 11 FedEx Ground Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing
Finishing Position: 1st
What can you say about Chris Gabehart’s strategy for today’s race and victory?
“He’s (Chris Gabehart, crew chief) just unbelievable. He’s done a great job with this race team. This is work that happens in the shop, this is way beyond what happens on race day. Can’t say enough for FedEx, Toyota, Coca-Cola, the Jordan Brand. I mean six (career wins at Pocono), I can’t even put it into words, how much it means to me.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 10:41 PM, 06.28.2020



“It was good to have a solid run for our NAPA team after yesterday being so poor. Obviously, we would’ve liked to of been a little better, but after starting in the back, I was pleased how I was able to move forward and gain a lot of that track position back. It was a good rebound. Looking forward to getting back on track at Indy.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 10:27 PM, 06.28.2020

Ford Performance NASCAR: Pocono 2 Post-Race Quotes

KEVIN HARVICK, No. 4 Busch Head for the Mountans Ford Mustang -- “I think for us our Head for the Mountains Busch Beer Ford was actually better than yesterday.  We had a really good car.  He just did the opposite of what we did.  We didn’t want to get caught with a caution and then wind up losing a little bit too much time in lap traffic with all the cars that hadn’t pitted and he was out there running clean laps and waited until right to the very end and wound up in front of us.  I’m proud of everybody on our team.  Yesterday that won us the race and today finished second.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 10:09 PM, 06.28.2020

Chase Briscoe Press Conference After Pocono Win

CHASE BRISCOE, No. 98 Ford Mustang -- HOW DID YOU KEEP THE CAR OFF THE WALL WHEN THE TIRE WENT DOWN?  “It was really surprising.  I didn’t have any warning of it or anything like that.  I was going down the short chute after turn one and all of a sudden it started pulling me to the infield and I heard stuff hitting the crush panels and everything else.  I was really worried. I was trying to get out of the way of the leaders.  I was worried that I was gonna spin out and come right up into them.  I was lucky that it finally blew out on the exit of the tunnel turn, instead of right in the middle of it.  I was really fortunate, too, that I was able to whoa it up.  I think I ended up probably one or two feet off the inside wall, so that would have definitely ended our day.  

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 9:04 PM, 06.28.2020

Ford Performance NASCAR: Briscoe Wins Fourth NASCAR XFINITY Race of 2020

CHASE BRISCOE, No. 98 Ford Mustang -- VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW -- “We were really not that good at the beginning.  We kind of struggled and didn’t have the speed I really anticipated us to have here, and then Zippy and the guys just kept working on it and kept getting it better and better.  We had the lead there after I sped on pit road and I was a little worried, but, fortunately, a lot of the good cars got tore up, so that made it a little bit easier to get back through the field.  And then me and Ross, it was pretty fun.  He’s always one of the hardest guys to race against and pass, and just really cool to get here in Victory Lane.  This is their home track.  I was at the Mendiburu’s family house last night, so it’s pretty cool for them to win at their home track, so I know it means a lot.  It’s cool to get all of our partners in Victory Lane -- Ford Performance Racing School, Fields, Dell Production Alliance Group, Go Bowling, Huffy Bicycles.  We’ve got a lot of really cool partners and we’re halfway to eight, so hopefully we can keep going.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 8:09 PM, 06.28.2020

Toyota Notes and Quotes - Pocono Xfinity

RILEY HERBST, No. 18 Monster Energy Toyota Supra, Joe Gibbs Racing 

Finishing Position: 9th

What happened that led to the contact from Justin Haley?

“I don’t think there was anything built up ahead of time that caused that. We had a really fast Monster Energy Supra and I kept making up positions early on. Then I would over-drive and give up some positions here and there, but the car was good enough to do that and keep passing people. I think I drove it too deep into the tunnel turn one time and that pack of four cars got by me and then in that same lap I was going to pass Justin (Haley) and I freed him up. Then he just hooked me down the frontstretch. All in all, it was a rough day, but we salvaged a top-10 finish.”


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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 8:08 PM, 06.28.2020

TEAM CHEVY at Pocono - Notes and Quotes


“We struggled today. We had a hard time making speed and tried to salvage what we could there at the end. We started gaining more speed as the car tightened up by the end of the race. We’ll make some changes for tomorrow and see what we can do then.”


“I’m not really sure what went wrong with the handling on our Monster Energy Camaro? The track changed dramatically for us. We were pretty good the first half of the race, before the car started handling really tight on the exit of the corners. The second half was not so good for us with the handling and track position. We’ll turn it around and work for a better result tomorrow”.

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 9:30 PM, 06.27.2020

Ford Performance NASCAR: Harvick Claims 1st Pocono Win, 8th of Cup Season for Ford

KEVIN HARVICK, No. 4 Busch Head for the Mountains Ford Mustang -- Finished 1st  “I just gotta thank everyone on this Busch Beer Ford Mustang. We weren’t where we needed to be to start the race and lost a bunch of track position but we came back and made some great strategy calls to get in clean air and get out front and make some good laps. It is great to finally check Pocono off the list. Everybody at Stewart-Haas racing has done such a great job with all our cars over the last several years. I guess it  takes special paint schemes to get to victory lane. I want to say hi to my family. I know Keelan raced all day and Delana and Piper and everybody at home. I am really proud of everybody and I am just glad it didn’t rain all day.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 9:06 PM, 06.27.2020

Toyota Racing Post-Race Recap - Pocono 1

DENNY HAMLIN, No. 11 FedEx Ground Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 2nd

What more did you need in the closing laps to catch Kevin Harvick?

“Obviously a fast FedEx Camry. I don’t know if more time would have helped, but I had a bad vibration there the last 15 (laps) and that kind of hampered our efforts coming to the front there. Not sure what it was, but it was really, really bad and we just did all we could to run him (Kevin Harvick) down and that’s all we had.

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 9:00 PM, 06.27.2020

Team Penske Notes and Quotes from Talladega 1

  • Brad Keselowski scored a 19th-place finish Monday evening in the 500-mile NASCAR Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway. The driver of the Dent Wizard Ford Mustang lined up third for the NASCAR Overtime finish on lap 189 but got shuffled back into the pack shortly after the race went green. Keselowski is fifth in the NASCAR Cup Series driver standings, 49 points behind leader Kevin Harvick.

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 11:55 PM, 06.22.2020

Team Chevy: Notes and Quotes from Talladega


“Yeah, we were so close there at the end. It was hard all day trying to break up the Penske cars and then there at the end, all the blue ovals were together. But, our No. 47 NOS Energy Drink Camaro ZL1 1LE was really fast all day. The boys brought a good one. I thought we had a shot there at the end, it just didn’t work out. But, all-in-all, a solid day. Really cool to see all the support of the fans that are here for Bubba (Wallace). That was a really special moment at the beginning of the race. We came up one spot short – we’ll go get them next week!”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 11:49 PM, 06.22.2020

Ford Performance NASCAR: Blaney Gives Ford Seventh Win of 2020

RYAN BLANEY, No. 12 Menards/Sylvania Ford Mustang -- VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW -- “I just kind of blocked, just trying to block the best we good.  Ride the top, ride the bottom.  The 20 got to my outside and I tried to go up there to slow him down and I’m not sure, I don’t know three-wide, I hate that I hit him, but just kind of trying to beat and bang to the line and things like that.  We just edged it out, but I’m really proud of this whole Menards/Sylvania Ford Mustang team.  It’s been a cool year so far and I’m really excited to get our first win of the year at a cool place.  Thank you everybody for coming.  I appreciate it you sticking around.  That was a lot of fun.”

WHAT WAS IT LIKE SAVING FUEL BUT WANTING TO GO?  “We were riding there.  We came back in and topped off and we were just riding around until maybe 12 to go.  I was waiting for Kevin to kind of go, but he had to save more than I did, so we just kind of had to get going.  You’re just biding your time and hoping you saved enough.  There’s enough information in there nowadays where you do save enough, but it was a lot of fun.  Thank you everybody for coming out.  I appreciate it.”

BACK-TO-BACK AT TALLADEGA.  TAKE US THROUGH THE LAST TWO LAPS?  “I wanted to take the bottom.  I thought the 47 was a really good pusher all day and I thought the bottom lane could just kind of get out there and was gonna be good, but I don’t know if he spun his tires or what, but I didn’t get the help at all, but was able to kind of pick and choose lanes there and wanted to wait for a while until later on that last lap, but you don’t want to wait too long because the caution might come out.  I was surprised the caution didn’t come out in three and four and I was lucky we were ahead, and then they got a big run again.  I was kind of out too far down the frontstretch and I couldn’t really see who was outside.  I knew there were some people and I just tried to go up and slow down and we kind of hit and beat and banged, and just another exciting one here.”

WHAT WAS THE DIFFERENCE THAT ALLOWED YOU TO STAY IN FRONT OF STENHOUSE?  “I don’t know.  I don’t know where he came from.  He came with a big run there.  I know me and the 20 kind of got beating and banging.  I was trying to slow him down and he almost got us I guess.  He came out of nowhere.”

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO WIN UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES?  YOU DON’T HAVE A BETTER FRIEND IN THIS SPORT THAN BUBBA WALLACE.  “It’s great.  It’s a tough couple days for him.  I’ve known him for 15 years and he’s one of my best friends.  I support him 100 percent of the way and I can’t wait to go see him.”

HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HEAR THE FANS AGAIN?  “It’s nice to just have fans here again.  They’re awesome.  They stuck around throughout the rain and it’s cool.  Hopefully, we keep getting fans at the racetrack.”

ARIC ALMIROLA, No. 10 Smithfield Ford Mustang -- WHAT DID YOU FEEL IN THE CAR AND WHAT DID YOU SEE ON THAT LAST LAP?  “I thought we had a shot to get our Smithfield Ford Mustang in Victory Lane.  We had a really good car and our strategy was to stay out of trouble all day and be there at the end, and we were there at the end.  It was close, but we just couldn’t get it done.  I’m proud of all my guys on this team.  We had a great week last week at Miami with a top five and leave here at Talladega with another top five, so we’ll keep building on that and it looks like the ball is going in the right direction for us.”

CHRIS BUESCHER, No. 17 Fastenal Ford Mustang -- “Not a bad run for our Fastenal Ford Mustang and our team.  There was a lot of excitement throughout the race in different areas and obviously we’d want to replay the end and do a little bit better, but at the end of the day it was a good run for us and now we’ll go on to Pocono and go get a doubleheader in.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 10:11 PM, 06.22.2020

Toyota Racing NCS Post-Race Recap -- Talladega 6.22.20

DENNY HAMLIN, No. 11 Driving For Change Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

How was the race today?

“We had a good Camry, we just ran out of fuel there at the end and had to pit with just a few laps to go. But luckily, the caution came out and some other guys in front of us ran out of gas so we were able to get a few more positions and race to the finish. Overall, it was a good day and our car had good speed. Got into the wall there early in the race and we were able to rebound from that. The Talladega spring race hasn’t always been the best one for us so we’ll take this fourth-place finish and get outta here.

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 10:11 PM, 06.22.2020

Ford Performance NASCAR: Cindric Finishes Fourth in Talladega XFINITY Race

AUSTIN CINDRIC, No. 22 MoneyLion Ford Mustang -- YOU WERE IN POSITION ON THE LAST RESTART.  WERE YOU LOOKING FOR SOME HELP THAT DIDN’T COME?  “Yeah, it’s tough to decipher.  Obviously, I think the inside row was more broken up than the top lane.  You had three teammates when we came to two to go, so that was gonna be hard to beat from the start, but it was a solid day for us.  We got stage points and we led some laps and we had a say in things at the end, I just wish I would have been able to have some more help behind me to be able to push the 8 to the lead and maybe try to race with him for the win.  It didn’t work out that way, but not a scratch on the car, so happy with that and happy to be able to have a good race with MoneyLion on the car.  Obviously, Joey will try to do a few spots better than we did today and it’ll be fun to watch that tomorrow.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 9:54 PM, 06.20.2020

Toyota Talladega Xfinity Race Recap


HARRISON BURTON, No. 20 Morton Buildings/DEX Imaging Toyota Supra, Joe Gibbs Racing  

Finishing Position: 31st

What happened in the accident?

“It’s hard to say, I haven’t really seen it yet. It looks like we were all running the top and we were single file and they checked up really hard. I don’t know if I didn’t get checked up in time. 

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 9:48 PM, 06.20.2020

Toyota Race Recap - Homestead Cup


DENNY HAMLIN, No. 11 FedEx Office Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 1st

You stated on the radio that this is a championship-winning team performance. How important is this win with Chris Gabehart back on the pitbox?

“Definitely. Our car was really good. This is a setup based off of what we had in the fall here last year going for the championship. Had a strong car all day. Obviously with the laps led and was able to get around Chase (Elliott) there at the end. This whole FedEx team has just done a phenomenal job. This Camry is real special. Have to thank Coca-Cola, Jordan Brand, FedEx and all of our partners. Everyone at JGR for putting together great race cars and keep digging to make ourselves a little bit better.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 12:48 AM, 06.15.2020

Ford Cup Notes from Homestead 6-14-20

RYAN BLANEY, No. 12 Menards/Jack Links Ford Mustang -- WHAT MORE DID YOU NEED TO GET UP THERE WITH DENNY?  “The lead (laughing).  When we came off pit road after that last green flag stop we were a ways behind those two guys and we made up a lot of ground, tons of ground on them, and just got to them and everyone is running the wall.  You just get tight, especially in three and four.  One and two there are multiple lanes, but three and four if you weren’t on the fence when you got 15 laps on your stuff, you were just tight and gonna hit the fence, so that made it hard for us to kind of go once we got there.  The 8 was the same way with me.  He kind of got there and stalled too, but I’m proud of the group.  We had really good short run speed early in the race and I thought by the end we had really good long run speed, so we crossed over which is a good effort by the Jack Links team.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 12:44 AM, 06.15.2020

Chevrolet Homestead Notes and Quotes



Just needed to get through lap traffic better. I thought our Hooters Camaro was plenty good enough to win. I thought we executed a really nice race. I kept it out of the wall almost the whole race – got it there at the end. I’m proud of the effort. We’re bringing fast cars right now and everybody at HMS is working really hard to do that. So, we’ll keep putting ourselves in good position, do a little better job of getting through lap traffic, and maybe we’ll have another sticker. We’ll just try to put ourselves in more spots to win and see where it goes from there.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 12:39 AM, 06.15.2020

Manufacurer and Driver Quotes from Martinsville 1


MARTIN TRUEX JR., No. 19 SiriusXM Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 1st

What is it about you, this team and Martinsville Speedway?

“We’ve been working a long time at trying to figure this place out and just chipping away at it. The last couple years we’ve been really strong. 2018 was a heartbreaker at the end of the race there. Last year to get the win and this year, just hats off to the guys. We started the first run and it pushed the right-front tire off and we were terrible. Really good adjustments from the guys, just want to thank all of them. SiriusXM, Bass Pro, Auto Owners and everybody that makes this possible – TRD. Congrats to James (Small, crew chief) on his first win. He’s doing an awesome job and really proud of him. It’s a big day for us. I want to say hi to all the fans at home, we definitely misss you. This just doesn’t feel right, but exciting to win for sure.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 12:13 AM, 06.11.2020

Team Penske NASCAR Cup Series Race Report - Atlanta

Team Penske NASCAR Cup Series Race Report

  • Brad Keselowski rallied from a lap down to score a ninth-place finish in the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 Sunday afternoon at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The driver of the Autotrader Ford Mustang claimed his seventh top-10 of the 2020 season and his eighth in 12 career starts at Atlanta. With the finish, he moves up to fourth in the NASCAR Cup Series driver standings, now 75 points behind leader Kevin Harvick.
  • Keselowski started sixth Sunday and battled a loose-handling Mustang early in Stage 1. On lap 66, he made a scheduled green flag pit stop for four tires but was hit with a pit road speeding penalty, which dropped Keselowski down a lap and back to the 28th position. He moved up to 22nd when he caught a break in the form of the second caution on lap 96. Keselowski took the wave around and rejoined the tail end of the lead lap. When the segment ended on lap 105, Keselowski was running 21st in the field. He pitted during the stage caution for four tires and a wedge adjustment and restarted 17th when the race went green on lap 112.
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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 10:27 PM, 06.07.2020

Manufacturer and Driver Quotes from Atlanta June 7. 2020

FORD:KEVIN HARVICK, No. 4 Busch Light For The Farmers Ford Mustang -- VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW -- WHAT WAS GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND WITH THAT SALUTE AFTER THE RACE?  “I didn’t get a chance to show very it good a couple years ago with my gloves on, so I made sure I took my gloves off this year.  Obviously, my first win came for me here at Atlanta and this is just a race track that I’ve taken a liking to, and you always come back and have those memories and now you want to celebrate everything that Dale Earnhardt did for this sport.  To come here and be able to do that with wins and go to victory lane is pretty special, so I just have to thank everybody from Busch Light.  We’ve got corn all over our car this week, so Busch Light for the farmer’s campaign.  Go buy those corn cans so we can donate $100,000.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 10:19 PM, 06.07.2020

Ford and Toyota Notes and Quotes from Atlanta Xfinity Race

CHASE BRISCOE, No. 98 -- Ford Mustang -- “At the beginning of the race we were a little off and we kept making our car better and better. My pit crew was awesome all day long and helping my situation on the race track by getting us cleaner air. We got the lead there and we were really the best car by quite a bit. That last pit stop apparently I sped. It was 50.07 I guess which was barely enough to get busted. I was trying to get all I could get and it was a stupid mistake with how good our car was and how good our pit crew would. It was a stupid mistake. I gotta learn and get better. Overall though it was another really good week for our High Point Ford. These things aren’t easy to win. You have to do everything perfect. Making a mistake that late in the race makes it really hard to recover.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 9:23 PM, 06.06.2020

NASCAR All-Star Race Returns Wednesday, July 15

--For Immediate Release -- For the first time in the event’s illustrious 36-year history, the NASCAR All-Star Race will be contested mid-week.
The NASCAR All-Star Open and ARCA Menards Series General Tire 150 will fill out the mid-week schedule at America’s Home for Racing, with coverage of all three races on FS1.
Options for fan entry are being evaluated in consultation with state and local health officials, but no decisions have been finalized at this time

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 9:00 PM, 06.04.2020

NASCAR Cup Series Returning to Nashville in 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Nashville Superspeedway to host the NASCAR Cup Series in 2021
DOVER, Del. (June 3, 2020) – NASCAR and Dover Motorsports, Inc. (NYSE: DVD) have agreed to host a NASCAR Cup Series race at Nashville Superspeedway in 2021.
"We were energized to see how excited Nashville was to host the NASCAR Cup Series banquet last December," said Denis McGlynn, president & CEO of Dover Motorsports, Inc. "When we built Nashville Superspeedway in 2001 our goal was to one day secure a NASCAR Cup Series race for the venue. Nashville, central Tennessee and the surrounding market area is filled with passionate race fans. We are thrilled that we were able to collaborate with NASCAR and our television partners to get this done and we can’t wait to put on a great show there in 2021.

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 7:13 AM, 06.04.2020

Quotes from Bristol Xfinity Race 1

FORD - CHASE BRISCOE, No. 98 -- Ford Mustang -- YOU GET TO RUN FOR $100,000 NEXT WEEK AT ATLANTA.  “I’m super-excited to go run for an extra 100-grand.  Thanks to XFINITY.  We were just a fifth to sixth-place car it seemed like most of the night and just was really tight.  There at the end restarts kind of went our way and we were able to salvage a second, so I’m really happy for our Ford guys and just really excited to get to Atlanta.  That’s one of my favorite race tracks and race for an extra 100-grand, so you can’t beat it.  I’m looking forward to it.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 6, Posted 11:01 PM, 06.01.2020

Notes and Quotes from Bristol Cup Race 1


BRAD KESELOWSKI, No. 2 Discount Tire Ford Mustang -- VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW -- RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME.  “I think everybody on this Discount Tire Ford Mustang team is gonna go to Vegas.  Is it open yet?  Because things have been going our way from the luck of the draw on the qualifying to the last few laps there.  We couldn’t get anything to go our way at the start of the race with cars staying out and I kept getting the bottom lane on restarts and nothing was working out and then right at the end we came in and put two tires on the left and drove up to,  I guess fourth or sixth, I don’t know, something like that and put ourselves in position.  I could see Joey and Chase were getting really racy there and I didn’t know what was gonna happen, but I knew if I kept my eye open something good might happen and, sure enough, it did.  An incredible day.  I’m so happy for the team.  This was a never-give-up effort.  That’s what we’re becoming as a team.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 9:05 PM, 05.31.2020

Driver Quotes From the ALCO Uniforms 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway

KEVIN HARVICK, No. 4 Busch Light Ford Mustang -- “It just falls off after lap 30.  We knew that’s what we had with our Busch Light Ford and it went straight 60-some laps.  They did a really good job turning the car around.  It was the total opposite of what we raced last Sunday, so it was a good test session for us.  We just didn’t need a long run.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 12:33 AM, 05.29.2020

Toyota Truck Race Recap - Charlotte

KYLE BUSCH, No. 51 Cessna/Big Machine Hand Sanitizer Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports

Finishing Position: 2nd

Can you talk about the challenges with your Tundra in tonight’s race?

“It doesn’t help showing up to the race track with broke parts on your truck. That was a problem from the get-go. Didn’t have our right-front stopper right so we were all over the splitter. We came in and didn’t know it was broke so had to fix it with a make shift piece and it was way too high. Then we tried to fix it and just never was right. We were out in left field the whole night. Never really had a great feel for the truck or a great driving truck. Just salvaged what I could.”

YLE BUSCH, No. 51 Cessna/Big Machine Hand Sanitizer Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 11:41 PM, 05.26.2020

Manufacturer Quotes from Charlotte Xfinity Race, 05/25/20


KYLE BUSCH, No. 54 App State Class of 2020 Toyota Supra, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 2nd

How challenging was the race tonight?

“I thought choosing the outside was the right way, but obviously it wasn’t. Those guys put up a whale of a fight tonight on restarts. I was really surprised by that, I guess I’m not that good at it anymore.

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 12:15 AM, 05.26.2020

Manufacturer Notes and Quotes from Charlotte Cup Race 1


BRAD KESELOWSKI, No. 2 Miller Lite Ford Mustang -- POST-RACE INTERVIEW -- “It means a lot to me, but I can’t help but think about the Reep family and Donovan.  I hope they’re watching.  I know the race ran really late, but Memorial Day is about a lot more than racing, but we’re glad to be able to do cool things like racing  because of the freedom provided by those willing to make the sacrifices. 

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 1:40 AM, 05.25.2020

Atrium Health Partners with Charlotte Motor Speedway for COVID-Safe Infield Medical Center

Atrium Health Creates COVID-Safe Environment for First Motorsports Race in North Carolina
New, one-of-a-kind MED-1 mobile hospital gets its first deployment at Charlotte Motor Speedway for Coca-Cola 600
CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 22, 2020 
— As the world of professional sports considers how to resume operations, the burning question is: "Can we do it safely?" Atrium Health is answering that question with an emphatic "YES!" by working in partnership with Charlotte Motor Speedway to create a COVID-Safe environment for four live competition NASCAR races, beginning Sunday, May 24, with the historic Coca-Cola 600. Additional NASCAR races will take place the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Atrium Health will deploy members of its Sports and Events Medicine team to provide screening for fevers and symptoms of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) for drivers, support team personnel, members of the media and others who will be working at the events. The process is designed to help prevent someone who is contagious from entering the facility while maintaining the highest standards of care for all race events. Due to Coronavirus restrictions on public gatherings, no spectators will be allowed at the races.

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 10:01 PM, 05.22.2020

Ford Performance NASCAR: Chase Briscoe Wins Darlington XFINITY Race

CHASE BRISCOE WINS FOURTH CAREER NASCAR XFINITY RACE Chase Briscoe drove his No. 98 Performance Racing School Mustang to victory in today's NASCAR XFINITY Series race at Darlington Raceway.  Briscoe held off Kyle Busch over the final nine laps to secure his fourth career win.   VICTORY LANE INTERVIEWS

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 8:14 PM, 05.21.2020

Toyota Darlington Xfinity Quotes

KYLE BUSCH, No. 54 Thank You Heroes/M&M’s Toyota Supra, Joe Gibbs Racing

How much fun was the battle on the last lap with Chase Briscoe?

“You always like to come out on the better end of it of course, but the real mission today was thanking our heroes and I appreciate Mars/Wrigley Confectionary and all their associates for the red, white and blue Supra here today with M&M’s on it. It was a lot of fun to be able to give back to our heroes. Had a good showing and put on a little bit of an exciting show there at the end. I knew being on the inside going into one wasn’t good, but he (Chase Briscoe) got such a bad run off of four that I had no choice.

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 8:10 PM, 05.21.2020

Ford Performance Darlington Quotes - Ryan Newman

RYAN NEWMAN, No. 6 Oscar Mayer Ford Mustang – “I’m happy to see you all in the capacity that I can after everything that happened in Daytona.  I feel very blessed and fortunate as I think you’ve read or heard me say several times to be able to talk to you guys and get the opportunity to return to my race car seat – not just any seat but my race car seat and Darlington of all places, being my favorite race track, so I look forward to getting down there on Sunday and having an expedited weekend, I guess you could say, and the opportunity to get sports back rolling again when it comes to NASCAR.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 4:44 PM, 05.21.2020

Manufacturer Quotes from Darlington 2


DENNY HAMLIN, No. 11 FedEx “Delivering Strength” Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 1st

Are you happy to have won tonight’s Toyota 500 at Darlington?

“I’ve got my happy face on and made sure I brought it with me today. Just can’t thank FedEx and Toyota and Coca-Cola, Jordan Brand – the whole JGR engine and fab shop. The pit crew did a great job today. Everybody really. I was pretty happy with how it all turned out.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 12:37 AM, 05.21.2020

Ford Performance: Harvick Wins 50th Career Race at Darlington

KEVIN HARVICK, No. 4 Busch Light #YOURFACEHERE Ford Mustang -- POST-RACE INTERVIEW -- “I want to thank everybody from NASCAR and all the teams for letting us do what we do.  I didn’t think it was gonna be that much different and then we won the race and it’s dead silent out here.  We miss the fans, just gotta thank everybody from Busch Light, Hunt Brothers Pizza, Mobil 1, Jimmy John’s, everybody from Ford who helps on this car.  It’s a pretty big honor to win 50 races in this deal and I just have to thank all my team guys and everybody for what they’re doing.  This Dr. Josh Hughes is one of my really good friends.  I spend a lot of time with him and have seen how this whole pandemic has affected our front line workers in person on a weekly basis, so thank you, Josh.  We’re thinking of you.  I want to say hi to DeLana and my kids at home.  I guess we’ll bring home the trophy.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 10:35 PM, 05.17.2020

Team Chevy Darlington Quotes



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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 10:30 PM, 05.17.2020

Toyota Cup Notes and Quotes - Darlington


DENNY HAMLIN, No. 11 FedEx “Thank You” Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 5th

What was the atmosphere like at the race track today?

“It was definitely different for sure. Just very subdued, very quiet. That’s the biggest thing I noticed, it was just how quiet everything was. That was the biggest change I noticed.

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 10:25 PM, 05.17.2020

Ford Performance NASCAR - Kevin Harvick and Ryan Newman Darlington Quotes

KEVIN HARVICK, No. 4 Busch Light #YOURFACEHERE Ford Mustang – HOW CONCERNED ARE YOU WITH PIT CREW COMMUNICATION?  “I’m not really concerned about it at all.  For us, we’ve had a lot of conversations and meetings about how things were going to flow.  Obviously, things are a little bit different with the amount of people and where people are, so our main source of communication comes from Rodney and Timmy Fedewa, who is my spotter.  Those are really the only things that I hear communication from during the race, so the rest of it is kind of up to them, but as far as my responsibilities and who I hear will be exactly the same as it always is.”

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 12:08 AM, 05.15.2020

Chevy NASCAR Cup Matt Kenseth Quotes

MATT KENSETH, NO. 42 CREDIT ONE BANK CAMARO ZL1 1LE, spoke with media via teleconference to discuss his anticipation to returning back to racing, how he has been able to prepare for his first race back, the challenges that come with racing at Darlington Raceway, and more. Transcript:

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Volume 2020, Issue 5, Posted 12:04 AM, 05.15.2020