Ford Performance NASCAR: Harvick and Briscoe Post Top-10 Runs on Watkins Glen Road Course

KEVIN HARVICK, No. 4 Busch Light Apple Ford Mustang -- Finished 8th---“Our Busch Light Apple Ford was decent today.  We just had to go into fuel mileage savings as soon as we came in the pits that last run, and just kind of ran our pace and finished where we finished because we couldn’t afford to run out of gas.  So, they did a good job and had a good strategy.  We scored a few stage points and had a solid finish, so we’ll go to the next one.”


CHASE BRISCOE, No. 14 Ford Mustang -- Finished 9th

“We’ve only got three top 10s now, so you’ll take any of them you can get.  I felt like we ran up front a lot of the day, but still weren’t quite good enough.  I felt like earlier in the race I was a little bit better and as the race went on I don’t know if the other guys got better or we just got worse.  Obviously, we’re in a position where we’ve got to go win, so ninth doesn’t necessarily cut it for us, but, overall, it was a good day.  We got stage points and finished in the top 10, so we’ll go on to Indy.  We know we’ve got to get it better if we’re gonna win one of these and just from a balance standpoint I’ve still got to get better, too.  We’ll go on to Indy and back home next week.  Obviously, that one is super special, so we’ll try to capitalize there.”


MATT DIBENEDETTO, No. 21 Menards/Moen Ford Mustang -- Finished 11th

“I think we were an eighth to 10th-place car.  We probably finished a couple spots further back than what we could have got.  We caught that whole group of cars at the end and just ran out of time.  It was solid.  We were lacking a little bit of speed, but it was a day I thought we maximized.  We made good adjustments.  Hassler made the perfect adjustment there at the end and it was as good as our car was gonna be without practice.  There were things I wanted to change, but you can’t when you don’t have practice.”




Ron Fleshman

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Volume 2021, Issue 8, Posted 6:32 PM, 08.08.2021