Barney Visserís Furniture Row Team Scores For NASCAR at Dover International Speedway

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  • Furniture Row #78 Toyota has a ride that the Passenger Side Panels and Safety Frame can be removed to allow access for Limited Ability NASCAR Fans into their ride.

  • Barry Visser's Furniture Row crew members constantly inspect the #78 Toyota before and after a rider accesses the ride.

  • Jeff White's breath taking ride as he passes on the front stretch of the Monster Mile as others await their ride on Pit Lane.

  • The Safety Panel and Passenger side panel is re-attached as Jeff White finalizes his safety equipment within the #78 Toyota.

  • Just is all smiles, as he releases all his internal safety equipment after the ride of a lifetime at Dver International Speedway.

  • As Jeff White disembarks from Barney Visser's Furniture Row #78 Toyota the crew once again give the once over to the ride before the next trip can continue. Nothing like safety and vigilance to assure a solid experience.

  • Jeff White, his wife and Brother-in-Law present with pride and smiles after that run on Dover International Speedway's Pit Lane. I salute you sir, and hope you have many more experiences such as this one.

  • Jeff White watches and waits for his turn in the Furniture Row #78 Toyota. Expectation, heart pounding, excitement.... not to mention the speed, and how close is that wall again?

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