Barney Visserís Furniture Row Team Scores For NASCAR at Dover International Speedway

Furniture Row #78 Toyota has a ride that the Passenger Side Panels and Safety Frame can be removed to allow access for Limited Ability NASCAR Fans into their ride.

Dover, DE - RIS - Today at Dover International I was witness to why NASCAR, It’s participants, and Tracks, get it. Dover International Speedway hosted Barney Visser’s Furniture Row Team and some great works. How you may ask…. well, Visser’s Team and Cal Wells, a former NASCAR Team owner tricked out one of the team’s rides to allow folks who have mobility issues to ride on the passenger side of a NASCAR Sled on the Monster Mile.

The Passenger Side panels are removable, the Safety Cage is also removable to allow access. The limited mobility rider gets to sit on a side of the ride that gets as close to walls and action as anyone can imagine. Turning speeds and times that would possibly place the ride in the field is beyond imagination. This initiative is unique, special, and really what may have been beyond the dreams of some is truly a “Dream Come True!” 

I got to spend a very short period speaking with Jeff White of Gumboro, DE who is wheelchair bound, but not limited by any stretch of the imagination. This man sat waiting his turn with as much excitement as a youngster getting on any Rollercoaster in any park in the world. Watching others take their ride and scream at the devil, has to have blood pressure enhancers. Once inside, it truly is the ride of a lifetime. 

Mr. White, his wife, and Brother in Law made the trip to Dover International Speedway, and realize how the two laps on the Monster Mile will be a special time for them. I didn’t ask Jeff how he came to be in a Wheelchair, because today he had no limits, nothing to hold him back from finally getting to something that many never get to chance, much less the inclination to try. He went on to explain that he never thought he would get close, much less onboard of one the NASCAR muscle cars. “It was breathtaking,” What a moment in time for sure!

In the trials and troubled times of America, I see NASCAR, the Team Owners, and the Tracks stepping up and making others know they are not forgotten, never ignored, and always, respected!

See you at the track!

Dean Patton

I have been a Photojournalist for RIS-news for the past ten years more or less. I was a shooter for a Minority Publication here in Reading, PA. Unfortunately the publisher passed away ending the publication. Mike took me onboard the following February while covering Daytona freelance. I also shoot Football, Professional Boxing, and Pennsylvania Dirt Track Racing. Hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania what else would I do. In my real life I am also a sitting Magisterial District Judge... sports coverage is my escape!

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Volume 2017, Issue 9, Posted 1:44 PM, 09.28.2017