INDIANAPOLIS 500 - Newgarden Hits Turn One Wall, Driver Okay

Josef Newgarden was checked and cleared after big hit at Indy. ©RIS/Larry Clarino

INDIANAPOLIS - RIS - MAY 18, 2017 - At about 1:10 on Thursday, Team Penske driver Josef Newgarden had the first significant incident of the month. after turning a lap at 216.505 MPH, Newgarden lost the rear end of the Penske Dallara number 2 after the apex of turn one. The car rotated 180 degrees and hit the concrete wall just past the end Safer Barrier. The left side of the car hit very hard, then bounced off rotated another 180 degrees hitting the turn two Safer Barrier on the right side.

The car suffered significant damage to the right front and rear. Newgarden was able to get out of the car under his own power, but did appear to be winded, bending over with his hands on his knees.

Josef Newgarden was checked and cleared to drive at the IU infield care center.

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Volume 2017, Issue 5, Posted 1:41 PM, 05.18.2017