FERRARI - Monaco GP - Qualifying

Monaco Grand Prix
Montecarlo, 24th May 2014

Fernando Alonso: “Today’s result encapsulates the state of play this weekend and it’s more or less what we
expected, but I don't think it went badly, because we managed to stay ahead of rivals who have been front
runners so far, such as Williams and Force India and, most importantly, we are closer to the Red Bulls. We have
made more changes than usual here, because we were suffering with understeer and we had some problems
under braking and the car has improved a lot. Compared to what we expected, the tyres seem too hard and we
are struggling a lot to get them up to temperature. If the race is run in the dry tomorrow, then it will be an
endurance race to see who can stay out on track the longest. However, if it was to rain, as has been suggested,
then just getting to the finish will already be a good result, because as we saw on Thursday from the few laps we
did, it’s really on the limit, like sliding around on ice.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “I’m not happy with this qualifying, because even though we worked hard on the set-up,
making several changes, my feeling with the car didn’t improve much. Right from Thursday I had to fight to find
the best solution and the time lost during the second free practice session certainly didn't help. On top of that,
we are not able to make the tyres work well here and in that situation, it’s not easy to put together a good lap,
especially on a track where you don’t get a second chance. Sixth place is not ideal, but neither is it a disaster and
tomorrow we will do our best to get the most out of it all.”

Pat Fry: “Finding the right window to put in the quick laps and avoidtraffic is always a crucial aspect of
qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix, especially in Q1 and Q2. Here, the tyres are taking a few more laps to be
at their best and this slightly complicated the process, but luckily we didn’t have any major problems with either
car. The gap has come down to the Red Bulls and also to Mercedes, but the result hasn't changed since the
previous races. In any case, both Fernando and Kimi got the most out of the F14 T, which continues to improve
step by step. It will be a long and demanding race tomorrow for the whole team, with the thousands of
variables this Grand Prix can throw up. The chance of rain is only slight, but nevertheless we want to be
prepared to tackle both scenarios to give our drivers the best chance of bringing home as many points as

ALONSO – Chassis 302 RAIKKONEN – Chassis 303
Q1 P4 1:17.853
New Soft – 7 laps
New Supersoft – 3 laps
P7 1:17.902
New Soft – 5 laps
New Supersoft – 4 laps
Q2 P4 1:17.200
Old Supersoft – 5 laps
New Supersoft – 4 laps
P6 1:17.398
New Supersoft – 5 laps
New Supersoft – 5 laps
Q3 P5 1:16.696
New Supersoft – 4 laps
New Supersoft – 4 laps
P6 1:17.389
Old Supersoft – 4 laps
New Supersoft – 4 laps
Weather: 23/24 °C, track 40/41 °C. Sunny

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